If There’s Going to Be Snow Anyway… (edited*)

… I may as well at least try to enjoy it.

The Chili and Bowyer families are going snow tubing today. Bowyer, Tonks and the boys are due here by 8 this morning, at which point five adults and four children will pile into our respective cars with all our boots, snow pants and gloves and head for a kinda-local ski slope that has a decent snow tube run. We’ll spend the first half of the day there – Bruder Chili has his flight back to ‘Bama this late afternoon – and I fully expect to have a wonderful time.


The first time we went snow tubing (ever) was in March of last year when Dudley and Squeaky came to visit. I didn’t expect to enjoy myself nearly as much as I did because, you know, it’s outdoors… in the snow, where it’s cold. I DID enjoy myself, though – quite a lot – and I’m looking forward to today. I’m sending gratitude to Lee for covering my Friday morning yoga class so that I can enjoy this time with my family, and now I’m off to gather up my snow pants and ear-flappy hat.

I hope your day is as much fun as I expect mine to be!

(the photo credit goes to Dudley, who had the foresight to bring a camera with him when we went tubing last year and was kind enough to send me all the photo files. That’s Punkin’ Pie in the front and Mr. Chili in the back…)

*we had a WONDERFUL time.  I highly recommend it!



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10 responses to “If There’s Going to Be Snow Anyway… (edited*)

  1. hygienedad

    OK, that looks totally fun…despite the snow.

    (PS I have no way of contacting you, but the Amish nativity was purchased on eBay. I can look for the woman’s name and see if she still sells.)

  2. liv

    oh, that looks like so much fun!!!! and to have someone cover your class? magic!

  3. Ya know how you ask me why we would want to move up there with the weather? It’s BECAUSE of the weather.

    In the summer here, it’s just too damned hot to do anything outdoors, and in the winter, it’s just wet.

    I want some damn winter weather, damnit!

  4. nhfalcon

    Cookiemaker and I plan on taking Little Man sledding tomorrow, quite likely at the same place you guys are going to today.

    I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it, either, but hey – as long as Little Man has fun…

  5. gerry rosser

    How could “enjoy” and “cold” ever get into the same sentence!?

    Have fun.

  6. Organic Mama

    Honestly, winter fun at its best. Wheeeeee!

  7. Tubing? I Love TUBING. Who’s tube is the ice chest full o suds lashed to? I guess y’all don’t have to watch fer snakes in your type of tubing fun.

  8. That looks like a BLAST! We saw something like this on TV and we cannot wait until our daughter is old enough to go 🙂

  9. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    Hey! It’s me, Auntie. I’m blogging now!
    Next time you go tubing, give me some notice. I would love to go. Maybe me and Mr. Chili could hit the slopes for a half day too!

  10. hope you guys had a great day.

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