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New Year, New Look *Edited*

Despite how averse I am to change, I decided that it was time for a new look around here. It’s not a drastic change, really, but it IS a change….

*I’ve changed it again – and may not be done yet.  This change was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t add a search feature to the old template, and I needed to find something that I’d written about before.  It frustrated me to not be able to find what I was looking for, so I dumped that template in favor of this one.  I’m not sure I’m settled yet; I’ll let you know when I’m satisfied…*


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See What You Started, Gerry?

My friend JRH was inspired by me (who was inspired by Gerry, who was inspired by his older brother) to make a list of HER favorite music. She didn’t get to 100, though, telling me that “I could play with this forever, but I am going to stop now. 100 was way too many and the ones I add beyond this I just keep taking off.” I’ve obtained her permission to post, so here are 47 of my friend’s favorite songs:

Push – Matchbox 20
The guitar at the beginning gets me, and “I want to take you for granted” keeps me.

Anna Begins – Counting Crows
I wish I knew what he was singing about, but I love it and it resonantes nonetheless. “When she sneezes, I believe it’s love.” but “If you don’t want to talk about it, then it isn’t love.”… “There’s something in a shade of grey, something in between.”

I’ve Been Delivered – The Wallflowers
So much imagery.

Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin
“I run in the rain til I’m breathless. When I’m breathless I run til I drop.” You talkin’ to me?

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney
This was me at 19.

American Tune – Paul Simon
I have loved Paul since I knew what music was.

Why Georgia – John Mayer
Me in Virginia at 27 starting down a path to make a permanent life that I wasn’t sure I wanted. Why Richmond, really.

You Wreck Me – Tom Petty
It just rocks.

And She Was – Talking Heads
Remember how Aly McBeal had a theme song? This is mine.

Southern Cross – Crosby, Stills, and Nash
I don’t know, I just like it.

Desperation Song – Carbon Leaf
In concert. The energy coupled with the fact that only the true fans know the words.

What About Everything – Carbon Leaf
Grounding. “What about that midnight phone call? The one that wakes you from your dreams.”

Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick
The woman has a way with words. I especially like how she addresses how we interpret songs (you know, like I am doing now).

Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits
My English teacher friend actually uses this song and the others on the album as a lesson.

Fly – Dixie Chicks
“It would take an acrobat. I’ve already done all that.” Yeah, I had.

Mississippi – Sheryl Crow
This just rocks too. And the Dixie Chicks do a nice job with it too.

Galileo – Indigo Girls
My favorite IG song. I like the drums at the beginning and I like their thoughts on reincarnation.

Why Should I Cry For You? – Sting
“What would it mean to say I loved you in my fashion?” I love the idea that one can love you “in their fashion” even if it’s not enough.

The Long Away Around – Dixie Chicks
Soundtrack for my road to adulthood. Love the way the girls reference earlier songs.

Wrap Your Arms Around Me – Barenaked Ladies
Who needs Barry White?

Blame It On Me – Barenaked Ladies
Punny & witty yet profound.

And So It Goes – Billy Joel
“In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong to heal the wounds of lovers past until I new one comes along” spoke to me when I was in my early teens and in between crushes. “I would choose to be with you. That’s if the choice is mine to make. But you can make decisions too. And you can have this heart to break.” spoke to me in college, laying it all on the line.

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
I heard Natalie Maines talk about covering this song with the Dixie Chicks and how she was 27 when the song clicked for her and how Stevie Nicks was 27 when she wrote it. Guess how old I was?

Fire and Rain – James Taylor
Sometimes sad is good.

Bright Lights – Matchbox 20
“Took all except my name.” Plus, the piano.

More For Me – Andrew Kerr
See Why Georgia.

Me & Julio Down By The School Yard – Paul Simon
The first popular song I knew the words to.

Tiny Dancer – Elton John
The bus scene from Almost Famous. Count how many songs from Cameron Crowe films are on this list.

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
Checked out my eye color lately? And, for the record, I liked this song before Sleeping With The Enemy brought it back.

Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
Lloyd Dobbler. Sigh. CC #2.

Split Screen Sadness – John Mayer
The boy has a way with words.

The Horses – Ricky Lee Jones
Jerry Maguire. CC #3.

World On Fire – Sarah McLachlan
I love Sarah.

Elsewhere – Sarah McLachlan
A song about the struggle for power and control.

Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby – Counting Crows
“The last one out of the circus has to lock up everything.” That so would have been my yearbook quote.

Shiloh – Neil Diamond

Small Town – John Mellencamp
The soundtrack to my childhood photo album.

Stuck In A Moment – U2
Stuck in a moment. Leave it to Bono to describe it exactly as it is.

What A Good Boy – Barenaked Ladies
Love a band that sends you to the dictionary. Hairshirt. Well, now I know.

Why Don’t You And I – Santana with Chad Kroeger or Alex Band
The rush of a new relationship.

Underneath Your Clothes – Shakira
“Underneath your clothes, there’s an endless story. That’s the man I chose. That’s my territory.”

Weather With You – Crowded House
The Finn Brothers make pretty music.

Silent All These Years – Tori Amos
Anger never sounded so pretty.

Hey California – Catie Curtis
Describes my love affair with New England and its winter.

Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright
It may be on the Shrek soundtrack, but Alison Janney & Mark Harmon… sniff.

Only The Good Die Young – Billy Joel
My theme song as good girl high schooler.

Your Body Is A Wonderland – John Mayer
It just makes me happy. And horny.

p.s.  Today is Grammar Snob‘s birthday; go on over and wish her happy!


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