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I LOVE My Readers!!

So, remember a day or two ago I wrote this post about the “economic stimulus package” and how eerily it reminded me of a wonderful scene from The West Wing? I was able to find the transcript for the show, but no video of the scene, and that made me a little sad because even though you can tell that the writing was tight and perfect, it’s so much better heard than read.

Well, this morning, one of my readers who, (correct me if I’m wrong, here, Neo) was, until just now, a lurker left a comment telling me that he had just finished watching the whole series and was thinking of that same scene. He couldn’t find it on YouTube, either, so….


Isn’t that WONDERFUL?! I emailed him back offering my undying gratitude and asked if he could put up a scene from Six Meetings Before Lunch where Josh is discussing the idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves with someone the administration is considering hiring as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. I’m amazed how often I reference that scene, and I’d love to have it available to me to show to my classes.

Anyway, I’m shouting out love to Neo for posting this scene. This just further proves that I’ve got some kick-ass readers!


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Passing Love Around

I’ve been smooched! Once by Chatty and once by Tense. Thanks, Ladies – I love you, too!!


The idea here is to pass around the love, but I found myself so overwhelmed with how much I really dig all my blogging friends that I was having a hard time not just directing your attention to my (ever growing) blogroll over there. Kizz, Rick, Tense, O’Mama, Chatty, Gerry, CTG, Seester, Bo, Derek and all of the rest of them really are fantastic, and each is an important part of the community that I’ve managed to create as a wonderful consequence of my obsession with writing…

Instead, I thought I’d focus in on some of the newer folks I’ve discovered, and on bloggers who, judging from the few comments I see on their sites, just aren’t getting the attention they deserve. So, without further exposition on my part, I bring you:

Auntie over at Who Does She Think She Is Anyway?. She’s my sister and I’m SO glad that she’s blogging now. She’s got a wicked sense of humor, she doesn’t miss a thing, and she tells a fantastic story (and her friends and clients never cease to provide her with some amazing material). She’s started college this semester (something for which I am immensely proud of her) and that experience has already given her some good blogging fodder. Go on over and check her out – and leave her a comment so she knows you’re out here – you won’t be sorry you did.

Doc Bibey, at Dr. Tom Bibey, is one of my new favorite bloggers. I’m not sure how we found each other (it may be that he found me at Teacher’s Education – yes, I think that’s it), but we’ve been essentially inseparable ever since. Doc is a master storyteller, a compassionate physician and a gentleman philosopher – and he replies personally to every comment that is left on his posts. He feels just like an old friend.

Through Doc, I discovered Dr. Bob Bleckridge over at Heroes not Zombies. Dr. Bleckridge is a homeopathic physician in Scotland, and MAN! is he a thinker! He wrote a gorgeous post about the importance of stories here, and he has been ruminating on the connection between the body and the person here – both topics have really helped me clarify my own thinking about not only my health, but also my outlook, my spirituality, and my humanity. Yeah, he’s that good….

Michael, over at The DLA Project, is one of my old favorites – he’s not new to the blogging gig – but I’m not sure that he’s getting the readership he deserves, so I’m sending you his way. He’s smart, funny, sensitive, and he knows a lot of really interesting tidbits about the history of the American Presidency and the British Monarchy. He’s also an avid reader and an elegant writer. Go on over and check him out and then tell me you don’t learn something…

Finally, I’d like to direct your attention to the work that Tom’s doing over at 2015 Place. This is kind of an odd recommendation, as Tom doesn’t so much write his own posts as he keeps track of the news and events that have to do with the struggle that the GLBTQ community is having for equal rights and recognition. I learn a lot about what’s happening in the GLBTQ world from Tom’s site, and I’m grateful to him for keeping his finger on the proverbial pulse. If we pretend there’s nothing wrong, then nothing will change – change needs to happen, and Tom’s doing more than his part to make sure we’re kept up on the current events.

Even if you weren’t specifically mentioned here, don’t think I don’t love you. My Google Reader has every single one of you on it, and I’m just as crazy about you as I am about the folks I mentioned specifically here. It feels really good to pass love around, so go on and do it at your place – I’ll come and find out who YOU love and, maybe, add someone new to my lists…


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Beanie Update

So, we drove an hour each way to essentially have the doctor tell us, in that lovely way she has, that Beanie is just fine….


All the scary tests came back completely clean. Nothing is wrong with her liver or kidneys; she’s got no discernible sensitivities to things like wheat or lactose; there’s no sign of cancer or anything that would cause us to lose sleep at night. That’s not to say that she passed everything with flying colors, though; just that the tests that she did pass with flying colors were the really, really important ones.

It turns out that her bones think she’s about 6 and a half when, according to the calendar, she’s really up against 9.  If we look at some of her tests, specifically those for the presence of certain chemicals and hormones in her blood, as if she’s a 9-year-old, then she tanked.  I forget the numbers, but if the range were somewhere, say, from 120-21o for a 9-year-old, she got, say, an 89.  If we look at the same range for a 6-year-old, though, it’s more like 87-168 (you know I’m making these numbers up, right?  The doctor kind of lost me after “we didn’t find anything that gives me immediate concern.”).  For the 6-year-old range, she passes the test with her 89, but just barely.  Kinda like one of my students getting a 64 on a test instead of a 63.  That one little point is the difference between a D- and an F.

The determination of Beanie’s doctor (who I like more and more every time I see her) is that Beanie will take the next three months to focus in on improving her diet.  Bean and Doctor Lady had a nice long chat about what good protein sources are, and Beanie conceded that she could do better with her eating habits.  There’s a certain growth pattern that can be expected of children with deficiencies in these specific chemicals and hormones, and if Beanie is following those patterns, than the doc. sees no problem in letting her take her own path.  If she comes back in April, though, and we find that she’s NOT following those patterns, we get to do more in-depth tests in a hospital another hour and a half out from this place – if we end up having to go that way, we’ll have to get a hotel room.  “Given that you’re not the worrying type,” the doctor said to me, “I don’t see a need to give her this test right now.  Let’s wait it out and see where it goes.”

Works for me.

So, the next three months will be spent gently nudging Beanie toward more healthy eating habits.  Snacks will be things like fruits and yogurt.  She promises to drink all her milk and to not leave her drinkable yogurts in her lunchbox to go all skunky.  I’ll likely start scrambling eggs in the morning.  I’m going to let her decide what we eat for several dinners a week – dinners that she knows are good for her and that she feels like eating – and I suspect she’ll be my grocery shopping buddy from here on out.

I’m so glad it’s not cancer…..


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Ten Things Tuesday

The “I’m Uninspired” Edition.

Usually, I’m pretty good at coming up with Ten Things Tuesday fodder.  Today?  Not so much, so I sent off an email to Kizz for help, and she encouraged me to embrace my uninspiredness (it is TOO a word!).  I like that – I’ve been trying to move toward acceptance of where I am in the moment, and at this moment, I’m less than jazzed to do Ten Things Tuesday.  Here, then, are ten things I’m going to do today INSTEAD of trying to think of good Ten Things Tuesday topics:

1.  Tidy my desk and clean out my briefcase.

2.  Drop off a stick-figure yoga lesson to Sara so she can start working on her own practice ahead of our next lesson on Thursday.

3. Empty the dishwasher, switch laundry, and scoop the cat box.

4.  Teach a yoga class at Local University (and hope to the goddesses that I get a parking spot.  I started asking them for one last night; let’s see if they come through).

5.  Meet Xena, and possibly O’Mama, for lunch.

6.  Go to the dreaded Mega Mart of Evil and buy more cat food and cat litter – though I’ll have to find a stockboy to lug it off the shelves for me because I buy the biggest containers I can and I’m still gun shy about my back.  Nothing would piss me off more than hurting myself in the pet car aisle at the Mega Mart of Evil.

7.   I’ve got a little paperwork to do – some bills to pay and a few bank statements to enter – though I’m less inspired to do that than I am to do Ten Things Tuesday, so we’ll see how that goes.

8.  I’m meeting with some of my composition class tomorrow afternoon – they’re totally freaking out because we’ve only met twice this semester and they’re doing a lot of work on their own, so I promised to set aside some time for them.  I want to have some practice work ready for those who show up (IF anyone shows up), so I’ll go through my filing cabinet this afternoon before the girls get home from school and see if I can find some of my more useful exercises.

9.  I’m going to think about the third mind, Mississippi Burning, Grammar Wednesday, and my resume, but thinking is likely all I’ll do.

10.  I’m taking Beanie to her follow-up with her endocrinologist this evening – our appointment is at 6:30 an hour away.  We’ll have a quick and early dinner, the two of us, then head out while Daddy stays home with Punkin’ Pie to drag her through help her finish her project on the Aswan Dam in Egypt.

OOoooh!  Inspiration just hit me!  Here are ten words that I’d like to hear the endocrinologist say tonight:

“You were right, Mom.  Nothing’s wrong with her.  Bye, now!” 


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New Music Monday

We had a wonderful time at the concert last night. The venue was tiny and we got to sit, literally, front-and-center, the opening act had a beautiful voice (though, as a lover of language, I was disappointed by the lack of complexity in her lyrics), and our waiter was good.


I’m sometimes struck by my discovery of new artists (recognizing here that when I say “new,” I mean new to me; I understand that this woman’s been making music long enough to have three CDs already). I found Everything but the Girl from a ten second clip of the beginning of one of their songs on a Sam Goody ad on television. I learned about Rosie Thomas as one of her songs played, almost indistinguishably, behind some dialogue on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What I’m saying is that, by and large, I don’t hear new music on the radio; I’ll catch the tiniest snippet on the PA of a restaurant or I’ll hear someone else playing a song in their car as they drive by. Thank GOD/DESS for Google lyric searches.

We have TiVo, which means that I tend to not watch commercials. The fast-forward button is a delight, really; we don’t have to subject ourselves to mindless truck ads or desperate pleas from mortgage companies for us to “refinance now!” The other day, though, Mr. Chili was watching ESPN without the benefit of having recorded the show first, which means he WAS being subjected to commercials. I was here at the computer, which is near enough to the living room to hear what’s going on in there, and when an advertisement for Bank of America came on, both our ears pricked up. My beloved took the TiVo clicker and backed up to hear the commercial again (it’s nothing to look at, really, just their logo superimposed over what looks like a Google Satellite image of a small city), and we were instantly hooked. The voice singing the song was beautiful – clear and present and striking. It reminded me of a mixture of Jonatha Brooke and early Shawn Colvin; deceptively simple lyrics, uncluttered guitar accompaniment, gorgeous voice.

We did some Googleage and found out not only who she is (her name is Antje Duvekot and here’s her official site – sorry, but I couldn’t figure out how to include links in a phoned-in blog post from last night) but that she was scheduled for a gig very near us this very weekend, so we got tickets and saw her live mere days after having discovered that she even existed. It was serendipitous.

Ms. Duvekot put on a good show. She doesn’t come off with the air of confident performer; she is tall and a little gawky and seems pretty shy and uncertain – until she starts to sing. Nearly all of her songs were wonderful, though many of them were profoundly sad. She performed Merry Go Round, the song we’d come to hear, in her second set, and ended with an hysterical song called – I’m not kidding – Dead Horse Trampoline, which I can’t find on any of her sites but which I found performed by a Justin Roth, who I suspect is the song’s original artist. Go and listen; it’s fun.

Here are the lyrics to Merry Go Round, and it holds up to our high expectations from the tiniest bit that can be heard on the BoA ad. It’s got a synergy to it that resonates with me, and I hope to turn you on to this artist, too. She’s got a bunch of stuff on iTunes, but the Bank of America version of Merry Go Round (which I, personally, think is a better take than her original) isn’t available there yet. Go to her MySpace page and listen to it there. Enjoy; I am!

Someone is tossing petals in a stream
Somewhere someone is standing at the foothills of their dreams
Someone got a paintbrush, is painting over doubts
Someone opened up his eyes and saw the sun coming out
Someone was captive and found the courage to get off
From a boulder in the well, somewhere the rain has stopped
Someone is finding the place where they belong

Everyday is summer somewhere in the world
And the summer boys are headed for the falls to kiss the girls
With their impatient hands groping honey breasts and curls
They are filled with desire
And high in the hills there’s a baby being born
As forgiveness and peace wash over bruises and sores
People bridging the distance over nettles and thorns

Everyone aboard on the merry-go-round
Some things will rise up so that others come down
If the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine
It’s a mighty thick haze and it’s a pretty thin line
If the facuet is tightened up the love won’t flow
If the love isn’t bright enough the corn won’t grow
If the night isn’t dark enough the moon won’t glow

A rich man counting money, a tired man counting sheep
While the safe man counts his blessings, the hungry man has beans
There’s a million people praying, raising up their eyes
To what turns out to be the same god, the same sky
We are slightly scared of death, a little bit afraid
So we celebrate everything we can think to celebrate
We shall sing out loud to keep the hounds away

Everyone aboard on the merry-go-round
Some things will rise up so that others come down
If the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine
It’s a mighty thick haze and it’s a pretty thin line
If the facuet is tightened up the love won’t flow
If the love isn’t bright enough the corn won’t grow
If the night isn’t dark enough the moon won’t glow

Prisons will crumble and governments will fall
It’s the order of freedom to be preceded by walls
Cause the truth would be worthless if no one ever lied
So we carry our shame in the interest of pride
And we have all these questions to make us go roam
And we’ve got all this distance to make us come home
As the sun burns, a child learns, the tide churns, the world turns

Everyone aboard on the merry-go-round
Some things will rise up so that others come down
If the devil don’t dance, heaven won’t shine
It’s a mighty thick haze and it’s a pretty thin line
If the facuet is tightened up the love won’t flow
If the love isn’t bright enough the corn won’t grow
If the night isn’t dark enough the moon won’t glow


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phoning it in

…literally. I’m blogging from my phone, Folks! I’m not sure if it’ll post; I’m hoping for the best.

I finished YNG today, and Mr. Chili and I are at a little venue waiting to see a folk artist we just discovered last week. I don’t know how to post links, so you’ll have to look her up: Antje Duvekot. She’s got the song on the new Bank of America ad, and I’m looking forward to her show (and to coming home with her CDs).

Look for a review and pictures tomorrow!


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Just a Quickie

I’m blowing blogging off today, my friends.  I’ve had a pretty intense day at Yoga National Guard, and now that I’m home I’m going to get a salad and some homemade mac and cheese (courtesy of the Daddy-Daughter cooking team) and snuggle on the couch with my family to watch Tarzan.  I’ll have something a bit more substantial for you tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for checking in.  I hope your evening is as lovely as I’m sure mine is going to be.


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