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Calvin, Link Love, and Brother Martin

Auntie gave me a printer/copier/scanner for Christmas, so now I don’t have to impose upon O’Mama‘s generosity to scan things like the girls’ baby pictures, which were taken before we got a digital camera, or my most favorite Calvin and Hobbes strip:


Sadly, Flickr is being pissy this morning, so I can’t use it to format the comic to a better size (and I’m not smart like Seester, so I don’t know how to manipulate the file on my own to get it to the size I want). Click on it to see it better – I’ll try to update it when Flickr is feeling more cooperative.

Gerry’s got a post about MLK Day and racism up at his place. In closing, he contemplates the fact that even great human beings are human. It doesn’t matter, my very smart and observant friend says, if MLK “chased skirts, chewed tobacco, hated dogs, watched sitcoms, or engaged in other activities which wouldn’t match [his] choices.” At the end of the day, what really matters to Gerry is that Brother Martin did more good than he didn’t do.


May the same be said of all of us.

MLK image courtesy of MLKonline 


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