I LOVE My Readers!!

So, remember a day or two ago I wrote this post about the “economic stimulus package” and how eerily it reminded me of a wonderful scene from The West Wing? I was able to find the transcript for the show, but no video of the scene, and that made me a little sad because even though you can tell that the writing was tight and perfect, it’s so much better heard than read.

Well, this morning, one of my readers who, (correct me if I’m wrong, here, Neo) was, until just now, a lurker left a comment telling me that he had just finished watching the whole series and was thinking of that same scene. He couldn’t find it on YouTube, either, so….


Isn’t that WONDERFUL?! I emailed him back offering my undying gratitude and asked if he could put up a scene from Six Meetings Before Lunch where Josh is discussing the idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves with someone the administration is considering hiring as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. I’m amazed how often I reference that scene, and I’d love to have it available to me to show to my classes.

Anyway, I’m shouting out love to Neo for posting this scene. This just further proves that I’ve got some kick-ass readers!



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9 responses to “I LOVE My Readers!!

  1. I think Neo has commented once or twice before.

    Neo, you rock. Thank you.

  2. Neo DOES rock, though I’ve checked my most recent comments and can’t find anything from him. Of course, I deleted a whole slew of comments from before Christmas, so I don’t have evidence if he posted earlier than that.

    Neo, if you’re not new to me, I heartily apologize. You’re still my hero for today!

  3. love love love this scene. miss the show so much.

  4. I love that about the internet. Random coolness.

  5. your readers are so cool. i mean, i know i am, so i’m sure the others are too. 😛

  6. Love that scene.

    Hate the government.

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