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The Story of Two Trees

A few days ago, Mrs. T. of La Chucheria (sorry, Mrs. T; I don’t know how to get the accent mark…) posted this photo of a snow-covered dogwood tree in her yard (I had to boost the photo because I also couldn’t figure out how to link directly to this specific post.  I am a techno-loser…):


With this photo, she promised that there would be grand and glorious changes happening, and happening soon – that winter would be dispelled and that spring would deck the boughs with beautiful pink blossoms (okay, so I embellished a bit. I’m an English teacher and a writer. Sue me).

Here, for the sake of comparison, is the cherry tree in the Chilis’ side yard as it looked yesterday, February 27th, 2008 (at least, I think it’s a variety of cherry tree, choke cherry, I think – it’s definitely not a crabapple, and I know for sure that the fruits are inedible to humans but irresistible to birds and deer):


Can you make out the tree against the backdrop of sumac?

My plan is to post periodic pictures (I LOVE alliteration) of this little tree to track its progress – and, by extension, my own – up and out of this far-too-long winter. It breaks out in frothy white blossoms in the spring, and it’s only when the tree is in full bloom that I feel we’ve really turned the corner into spring.

Until then, we wait….


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