What Are You Doing With the “Extra” Day?

Today is February 29th – Leap Year Day. I found out here that this February began and ends on a Friday, and that the next time this will happen is 2036. I’ll be 67 years old in 2036. I wonder if I’ll remember about the Friday to Friday thing.

Anyway, as a member of Blog 365, I’m not actually supposed to be blogging today. They decided that Leap Year Day would be the only day off from the all-year blogging thing. I get that – we have an extra day in the year so, technically, we have 366 days in this year and they didn’t call it Blog 366, now, did they?

I like to occasionally blaze my own trail, however, and I’m blogging today not because I feel the need to break Blog 365’s rules (they even sent out an email saying “no blogging about not blogging”), but because I’ve been blogging every day since NaBloPoMo 2006. I missed St. Patrick’s Day last year – I’ve no idea why, I just spaced it – but I’ve posted something every day (with that one exception) since November ’06. I’m on a roll, People, and I don’t want to stop.

The thing is, I’ve got nothing particularly pressing to talk about today. It’s a lovely afternoon, the last we’re likely to have for a few days as the weather people are predicting a foot of snow for my neighborhood between tonight and tomorrow afternoon:


Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Lo 20°F


Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Hi 35°F


Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Lo 24°F

Mr. Chili went to work this morning but took the afternoon off. He is outside right now fussing with the snowblower and I’m encouraging the girls to get ready to head out to lunch (we’ve agreed to have McD’s for lunch (I know, I know) and to run a couple of errands while we’re out). Later, before the snow starts, we’re headed to Bowyer and Tonks’ neighborhood. We’ll do a little bowling and have a little dinner, then we’ll come back home and hunker down. I’ve rented Gone Baby Gone for Mr. Chili and I to watch sometime this weekend, and I’ve got to finish grading my compositions class’s (abysmal) research papers.

Exciting, huh?

Oh, and gear up, Everyone; I’m going to start posting my YNG homework this weekend; we’ve got a killer test coming up about the musculature of the hip and thigh, and I’m going to have to start working my way through it NOW so I have a prayer of passing the exam next month. I’m taking you all with me (insert evil laughter here…).

Speaking of which, I leave you with this. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but it really bears a repeat performance. I had the privilege of seeing these gentlemen perform live while we were in Las Vegas for Dudley and Squeaky’s wedding last year. Mr. Chili and I were griping about the price of Cirque tickets until we saw these two walk on stage; I’d have paid what we paid just to see them.

Happy Friday, Everyone!



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12 responses to “What Are You Doing With the “Extra” Day?

  1. Frick on a brick with a stick! I have had it up to HERE with the snow! We’re due the same amount at Wayfarer House, and I’m out of places to put it!

    If I can’t take my kids to the local food co-op for lunch, I’ll take them to Subway, instead of McFood, in an effort to get them something a little closer to nutritious. They’ll eat chips as well as fries, and subs go over just as well. I’m officially done with McFood. It’s getting in the way of my being the lithe Adonis-like physique I want to have.

    Cirque du Soleil is truly without parallel! I have never been disappointed by any of the shows I’ve seen. To see their shows on video is not the same as experiencing them in person, is it?

  2. I am doing what I said I would. I am on the couch, but I did shower and put on sweats! I can not believe we are getting another 5-10 inches tonight. We have to go to Middleton tomorrow for an errand for my folks. I hope it stops by then. Sick of it.

  3. drtombibey

    Come 5:00 I’m off- gonna jump into a phone booth and come out as a bluegrass musician. I play good for a doctor.

    Dr. B


  4. Once you’ve actually seen Cirque live you understand the price of the tickets, don’t you? They’re amazing. I’ve only had the privilege of seeing one show but it’s one of the many things that make me want to visit Vegas.

  5. The weatherman said that here in this part of Michigan we have had the 7th snowiest winter in the state’s history. I am completely done with winter and can’t wait for spring.

    Oh, and that snow that is heading your way? I think it just left me.

  6. My extra day: thank God I got an extra one! This week, I have been handling it all, because my spouse is away. Naturally, that is when things fall apart. My son has an ear infection. I had to meet with students today (their senior projects are falling apart). I cannot believe the doc could work us in where I could do both. I am so drained.

  7. Organic Mama

    I’m running around still, taking care of little bitty things in my ginormous list o’ lists for the Event in my life that seems to be eating a LOT of energy.
    As for the winter, I honestly don’t know where the new stuff’s gonna go. I still love winter but now I just need it to go the fuck away for another 8 months.

  8. I was a Blog 365 rebel, too. We only get a chance for a Feb 29 post once every four years, right?

    The Cirque guys were incredible.

    Good luck with the weather. 100% chance of snow? That’s crazy.

  9. ok, it is really cold where you live!

    love the Cirque guys.

  10. twoblueday

    I used the extra day to be a complete slug. I think I’ll start calling it “Slug Day.”

    Did you know that people who wait for a ride commuting into DC (and are often given rides by people who want to use the carpool lane) are called “Slugs?”

    After my Sweetie came home from her store, I presented her with flowers, and otherwise tried to make it a nice relaxing evening for her.

    I love Cirque de Soleil, and still thing “Mystere” is my favorite.

  11. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit. My daily blogging habit is formed now. I posted yesterday, too.

    Rebel. I’m one too. One thing I learned this week is that rules are meant to be broken to make us stronger.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I’ll be 67 then, too.

    I saw Cirque in Florida… it was terrific. Truly.

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