Ten Things Tuesday

Crap on My Desk edition!

I love SaintSeester’s mostly-weekly feature of “crap on her desk,” and so was inspired to take some iPhone photos and do my own catalogue of the bits that can be found about my workspace.

1.  Perhaps the strangest bit; a stuffed owl, a quote from Bob Dylan about heroes (I think a hero is someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom), and the card that Mr. Chili made for me before I started Yoga National Guard that sports a picture of Kai Opaka from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and says “Your PAGH is strong.”  I’m STILL laughing about that…owlopaka.jpg

2.  Auntie gave me this print a few years ago as a Christmas gift.  I love its simplicity, and the message is an important one for me (though, lately, I find myself having to be reminded to breathe in more often than I have to be reminded to breathe out…)


3.  I can tell where I am in a semester by how low my supplies of paper clips and binders is running.  I bought this containment unit at IKEA and I LOVE it:


4.  Here’s part of why my paper-containment devices are running low.  I’ve got piles and piles of student work to go through:


5.  I used to work in a bank and got very, very good at using a keypad, but I never learned how to type with the numbers at the top of the keyboard.  Mr. Chili bought me this USB keyboard and it’s been a godsend when entering ISBNs into my library software:


6.  I found this greeting card ages ago – we could be up to about 20 years, now – at a Pier I.  It’s an origami Kimino, and I love it – it feels peaceful and elegant to me:


7.  I’ve written about this little guy before.  He lives on my desk (and is a source of calm and reflection) but he doesn’t live on the computer – it was just easier to get a good photo with the contrast of the Mac underneath him:


8.  I bought these bumper stickers a few years ago in a fit of English teacher dorkiness.  I don’t have the guts to actually stick them to my car (and they’d likely confuse most people, anyway) so I got some double-stick tape and stuck them to my wall where they make me happy in a dorky English teacher way:


9.  I truly believe this, and try to be ever mindful of this principle as I live my life:


10.  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to express my belief in this concept, too.  We really CAN’T fail, but I’ve not quite managed to manipulate the language at my disposal to adequately express the depth of the truth of this just yet:


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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13 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. nhfalcon

    The Dylan “hero” reminded me of another hero quote I read once…

    “Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum.” – Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington USMC (Ret.) (died 1/11/88)

    Rather pessimistic, I know, but I think what Boyington was trying to say was that these people we idolize are / were human and have / had the same foibles and frailties that we all have. Yes, they did amazing things under remarkable circumstances, but they were just human.

    And where did Boyington get off making a statement like that? He was a hero himself. He was a fighter pilot in World War II, flying with the Flying Tigers in 1940 and commanding the Black Sheep Squadron in 1943 and ’44. He was a POW held by the Japanese and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, this nations highest award for valor.

    He was also an alcoholic and an absentee father to three children, so I think he’s qualified to make that quote.

  2. First I thought #7 was a little turkey and I was very confused as to how he was a source of calm and reflection — but now I get it.

    I’m slow that way.

  3. Ha ha ha, those ARE dorky bumper stickers. I love them! Go ahead, confuse the masses. It gives them something to think about during rush hour.

    Glad I could inspire you. Your little owl is so cute.

  4. liv

    can you find us a YGA sticker???

  5. jrh

    I have that last magnet too, although as I look around my classroom, I am not sure where it is.
    I think of it here at school as “fail” as in “not pass”.
    But such activities as skydiving also come to mind, where you can fail with some unpleasant consequences.

  6. English teacher, huh? Well you would never know it by reading my blog, but that is what I started out to be. It was in the 70’s and I just couldn’t deal with the low pay and kids. Kind of wish I would have done it now.

    Nice stuff on your desk. Mine is not nearly so organized or neat looking.

  7. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    Actually, I think the print was a “just because” gift. If my memory serves me, you were having a tough time with something and I kept reminding you to breathe. I bought that so when I wasn’t around you would remember. I like that you still have it!

  8. Falcon, “hero” is a very subjective title. I think that people can be both heroes and bastards, but not always at the same time.

    Panic, really? A turkey? I’m sorry, Honey, but I just can’t see it…

    Seester, you DO inspire me. Thanks!

    Liv, I’ll start looking for one. If I can’t find one, I know where I can get one made!

    Mike, my desk only looks neat because you’re seeing bits of it (and tidied bits at that). I was offered a gig at an alternative high school this afternoon. I turned it down. I can’t deal with the b.s. of public schools – I need to stay in post-secondary ed., I think.

    JRH, that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t see death as a failure. I mean, if we’re talking about the constraints of this lifetime, then yes – I can see how skydiving badly might be considered a failure. I’m looking at the BIG picture, though – the REALLY big picture that transcends this lifetime. There is no failure in the big picture – only learning opportunities. Does that make any sense?

    Auntie, you may have bought it as a just because gift, but I’m pretty sure it came to me around christmastime. Either way, I DO love it – enough to put it front-and-center where I spend most of my time…

  9. what a fun way to do your ten things! 🙂

  10. Neat, I’m so gonna copy this idea.

  11. drtombibey


    As you can imagine, my desk is a wreck. Yesterday’s coffee, a note to call a patient about their nerves, a message from the oncologist about some poor soul’s cancer, a gig request from the Heart Association, an invite to play a charity golf tournament, cards from artists wanting me to check out their latest CD- it goes on and on- what a messy life it is.

    Speaking of heroes check out the post on my Dad today. My highest compliment in medicine was from my daughter. She said she was considering it ’cause I was her hero. I don’t need anything more than that.

    Dr. B


  12. I love the Kai Opaka picture and caption. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful if someone would grab my ear and say, You are the Emissary of the Prophets. To have someone say, in effect, this is who you are.

  13. Didn’t know about this meme. How do I learn more about it?

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