Daily Archives: March 22, 2008

Lighting a Candle

I have a lot of friends who need healing.

Some have suffered loss and sorrow and are trying to make new lives for themselves in ways they never expected they’d have to. They are mending their hearts and their spirits and are finding new paths to follow.

Some are in the midst of physical challenges and are doing what they can to heal their bodies and to rid them of disease and malfunction. They are searching for strength and good support, and they are learning to make changes in their routines and behaviors to encourage their treatment and recovery.

I hold every single one of them – of you – in my heart every day. I believe in prayer – vibing, meditation, positive thinking; whatever name you want to give it – and I devote a good part of my energy every day to sending it out. If you need it, open up and receive it. It is freely given and lovingly sent.



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