Yoga National Guard Essay, Take Two

It seems I also missed properly identifying the Psoas Minor.

According to Trail Guide to the Body, only about 40% of the population actually has a Psoas minor muscle.  It originates at the body and transverse process of L1, or the first lumbar vertebrae, and inserts into the superior ramus of the pubis which, as best as my non-scientific mind can describe, is the inside of the “bowl” of the hip bones.

If a human has a psoas minor, the muscle works to assist in the posterior tilt of the pelvis.  According to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation International, the muscle is largely ignored as a functional hip flexor and is only the focus of attention when it is strained or injured in individuals who have it.  It seems reasonable to assume, given that the muscle is a minor functionary in hip movement – if the individual has one at all – that a psoas minor strain would be difficult to diagnose.

Localized stretches that challenge the major anterior hip flexors – the iliacus, and the psoas major – would also be effective for the psoas minor.  Yoga poses that isolate these muscles include Warrior I, or Virabhadrasana:

pigeon, or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (where the back leg is the focus of the stretch, rather than the bent front leg):

and dancer’s balance pose, or Natarajasana:

muscle image credit

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8 responses to “Yoga National Guard Essay, Take Two

  1. liv

    i take this time to tell you that i think that having to do this shit is a load of crap. and i love you. and your music is on the way.

  2. I am Jack’s stretched Psoas Minor…..

  3. Laurie B

    Wow. If I have one of those I have either not used it or not abused it. You would know the difference. I won’t. Good work, though.

  4. Pose photos # 2 & 3… ouch and OMG!

  5. Liv, I agree, but them’s the rules that I’m required to live by during this ride, so them’s the rules I’m playin’ by.

    Daz, you’re a lot of things, but I doubt you’re that!

    Laurie, I don’t know the difference – remember, I got that question wrong on the test.

    Kwizgiver, I can manage the pose in picture 2 – it’s really very comfortable for me and is one of my favorites – but I modify the pose in picture #3 – I can’t get my arms over my head like that, so I just reach around with one arm to hold my leg up…

  6. anjplanetyoga

    Hi there. I’m so glad you posted something on Psoas Minor. Leeann Carey, an amazing yoga teacher, says that pigeon pose is a great hip opener. She has a free yoga video on this that I think your readers might like:

  7. you can check out lots of free yoga videos on youtube, i learn a lot from it ‘

  8. Howdy! This can be my 1st comment here therefore i just wanted to give a simple shout out and let you know I absolutely enjoy looking through your blogs. Can you suggest any other blogs

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