I Haz a Bug

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I think (or, more to the point, I hope) that it’s not a bug at all, but allergies that have me snorting and gasping and feeling generally unwell.  I’m a walking snot factory at the moment (lovely, huh?) and am finding that all the time I spend hanging upside down in yoga practices (this being a Yoga National Guard weekend) doesn’t help matters in the least.

I’m certainly functional and haven’t yet approached miserable; I’m more annoyed than anything else.  I’m trying to tough it out during the day time – I neti in the morning and am trying to stay well-hydrated all day, and I’m doing my best to ignore the goopy nose and wildly itchy ears (MAN!  If I didn’t know how dangerous it is to stick things in one’s ears, I’d be rooting around in there with anything that would fit!  The itchy is insane!).  I’ll take something for the symptoms at night, both because lying down exacerbates the effects and because most allergy medicines make me stupid and unfit for anything but sleep.

The funny bit is that we’re not even in full-blown allergy season yet.  Yes, things are starting to bloom (and, it would seem, that I’m sensitive to whatever is blooming now) but the REAL pollen attack is still several weeks off.  Just you wait; I’ll take a picture of my black car all done up in a yellowish-green dust so you can see for yourself.  It amazes me every year.  I don’t think I’m allergic to whatever that pollen is, though, so my hope is that I’ll dry up whenever whatever it is that’s sprouting now finishes its run.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!



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9 responses to “I Haz a Bug

  1. I guess I hope it’s a bug, that way it’ll go away. Allergies never really do.

    I haz finals…..I’m in between the first 2 right now….

    Drink plenty of fluids, rest, and wash your sheets….it will cleans any bugs.

  2. Oh. Those itchy ears – horrible. I have them. For me it is definitely and allergy symptom. I do not seem to get the itchy ears with normal colds.

    Feel better soon!

  3. Ditto what Saintseester said–itchy ears are allergy ears for me, too. Have you tried bee pollen? It helps relieve symptoms.

    Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well! (do you remember that Seinfeld episode??)


  4. My wife and son are suffering something terrible from allergies right now. Happens every year when the cottonwood trees start blooming and it usually lasts in one form or another until June.

    Oh Joy!

  5. With the allergies, my ears itch and so does the roof of my mouth. THAT’s a whole lot of fun! I sometimes can make myself well by flushing my system. I once drank a half gallon of lemonade (dilute it with water, otherwise, OH! the Sugar!) and really felt better the next day.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Laurie B

    Thanks for helping me to remember the itchy ears and throat things. I am so not looking forward to the allergy party.

    Our boy cat has the watery eye stuff thing happening and the full pollen windows open mode is just starting to crest, I have to admit that Springtime in NE sure smells fragrent but geez, Louise, it makes me sneeze.

  7. get those hankies lined up in a row

  8. twoblueday

    I have, so far, been blessedly free of allergies in my life.

    Feel better.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better.

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