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Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister’s birthday! Unlike Dudley, she’s got a blog where you can go to wish her happy. While you’re there, read some of her stuff – she’s a funny chick!

Auntie is a lot of amazing things.

She’s wicked smaht, though she doesn’t always believe that she is (growing up, we were told that I was good in school and she was good at sports, as if the two were mutually exclusive. Pffft!). She just finished her first term at college and is kicking some serious academic ass, just like I knew she would.

She’s compassionate. She can look at people that others would immediately discount and see the light and good in them. She knows how to see past all the damage and clutter to see into people’s souls, and that makes her uniquely qualified to do the difficult (but incredibly necessary) work that she does.

She’s practical. I’m not sure I know anyone more “no-nonsense” than my sister. She’s not into fluff or frou-frou. She is, in every sense of the word, a meat-and-potatoes kind of gal. For all of that, though, her toenails are almost always painted. I love that little bit of irony.

She can fix shit. All by herself!

She has a sense of humor that borders on the sublime. I like to think that a quality we share is the ability to see the funny in almost any situation, and my sister can tell absolutely captivating, absolutely hysterical stories. When she says “Oh, my God, Chili – listen to what happened to me the other day,” I clear my schedule for the next half hour.

She knows what she doesn’t know. I love that she’ll admit when she’s wrong and that she’ll ask for help when she needs it. It makes me proud that, often, she’ll call me for that.

She almost single-handedly keeps Dunkin’ Donuts in business. Truly; I never see her without an iced coffee in her hand.

Even though I don’t get to be with her nearly as often as I’d like, I know for sure she loves me.

Happy Birthday, Auntie. I loveyouX2

image credit (p.s., Auntie; your cake doesn’t look like this….sorry….)


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I was going to publish a picture of flowers that are growing in my neighborhood – hell, in my very own yard! – but I decided instead to post this.  My beloved brought home a “just because” flower the other night, and it’s been making me happy for days.  I thought it might make you happy, too.

Really; aren’t “just because” flowers the best kind?

Happy Fucking Friday, Everyone!


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