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I started TiVo-ing Dexter. It’s a show originally put out by Showtime that’s been picked up by CBS.

The main character of the show is a serial killer who works as a forensics expert in a Florida police department. It’s fascinating. The episodes are peppered with voice-overs and flashbacks about this man’s past. Adopted as a young boy, Dexter had the good fortune to land in the care of a police officer who recognized his true nature – the monster inside him – and taught him to control his drives. The result is that Dexter is a killer with, not a conscience, exactly, but with a code.

For all that I am a peace-loving, literature-reading, intellectual wannabe, I do love, every once in a while, a good, violent, scary mystery. Car chases, gun fights, I’m not even above a little blood. I avoid gore for gore’s sake – I won’t go to movies like Saw or Hostel – but Dexter is really a great combination of adrenaline and intelligence. There’s even some humor thrown in there, just for good measure.

I am a little pissed off at CBS; they have a tendency to put an episode of Cold Case off time, which pushes off the start time for Dexter. I don’t have Showtime, so I can’t get the episodes on demand, so I end up missing whole chunks of the story when CBS messes with my TiVo. The next time I’m in my video store, I’m going to see if I can rent the first season. I won’t even mind seeing the parts I’ve seen before; it’s that good.


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