Ten Things Tuesday

The holiday threw me, and I almost forgot it was Tuesday!  I’m totally boosting my sister‘s theme today – ten things I love about summer:

1.  The ice cream shacks open up.  Really?  Doesn’t this kinda go without saying?

Oh, and there’s Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer again.  Mmmmmmm!

2.  Sleeping with the windows open.  I love the sound of wind through the trees, I love the sound of peepers peeping and crickets chirping, and I love the way the air smells at night.  Oh, and thunderstorms!  I LOVE a good thunderstorm.

3.  Cooking outdoors.  Now, it’s true that Mr. Chili has dug paths through the snow to get to the grill, but somehow the food cooked outdoors tastes better in the summer.  Our favorites are lemon-garlic soaked chicken, hamburgers, and good steaks.  Mmmmm!

4.  Green things.  We don’t have a garden, per se, but a bunch of stuff grows in our yard all by itself.  I’ve got lilacs out there and, of course, The Tree.  We’ve also got hostas and some lilies and irises coming up, too.  In another week or so, I’m going to put my houseplants out for summer vacation – they LOVE that, and I love how much they grow over the warm months.  Often, the growing they do in the summer is enough to hold them through the dark cold New England winters.  Plus, all the trees outside our windows leaf up and we can’t see our neighbors for six months.  I love that.

5.  Driving with the windows down.  Despite the fact that my hair goes EVERYWHERE (I’m thinking about leaving a hat in the car), I love driving with the windows open.  Even better if I’ve got some music going at teenager-volume.

6.  Summer clothes.  I love light linen and cotton, I love short pants and tank tops, and I love sundresses and skorts.  My summer clothes are cute, and I’m always excited to take them out of storage at the end of May. (Of course, I’ll be excited to rediscover all my trousers and woobie sweaters come October, too, but that’s another post).  I love summer pajamas, too.

7.  School vacation.  Even though I’ve been working during the summers for the last few years, I still love having the girls home from school.  We have nice, leisurely mornings (most of the time) and the entire pace of our lives feels less stressed and hurried.  This summer, I’m only teaching one course, one day a week, and the class is scheduled at night, so I’ll be able to be home with the girls full-time.  They’ll likely want to go to day camp for a couple of days a week, but I’m looking forward to bicycle rides, walks, and lunches with Daddy this summer.

8.  Summer food.  Salads, watermelon, peaches, strawberries and blueberries.  Mmmmmm.  My diet improves dramatically over the warmer months, and I look forward to the produce departments getting more colorful as the summer approaches.

9.  Long days.  I may bitch about the fact that it gets dark around here at quarter to four in the afternoon during the depths of winter, but I LOVE that it’s light out until damned near 9:30 at the height of summer.  I love being able to read in bed without having to turn on the lights, and I really like that the light – and not the alarm clock – wakes me in the morning.

10.  Hanging with friends.  O’Mama and I spend time together window shopping or lunching outdoors.  The Chili family went in for half of the inflatable pool that Bowyer set up in his yard, and I love spending afternoons on his porch watching all our kids splash around (and then kicking the kids out, getting noodles and wine coolers, and floating around in there ourselves).  Lazy time spent with good friends.  THAT’S what I love about summer.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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14 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    I love that you call them short pants! I have short pants on today!

  2. De

    It was weird sending my daughter back to school today, and my husband unexpectedly agreed. We’re all ready for the change of pace that summer brings.

    (but I’ll stick to capris thanks. No need to frighten people with these white sticks I call legs.)

  3. twoblueday

    We are blessed with some mighty fine ice cream stores in Falmouth and thereabouts. Yummy. Ben and Bill’s in Falmouth itself, Smitty’s up in East Falmouth (where we live).

    Summer is chowder, and steamers, and lobsters, and that wonderful Cape Cod climate. Oh, yeah, and my creative writing class. It’s a group of regulars for the most part, and we’ve had the same instructor several times. I’ve already signed up for this year.

  4. Lea

    Yep, you captured the way I’ve been feeling today. The kids are out of school and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them and having some fun. We’re definitely into short pants weather already! I know that we’ve got some hot, sweltering days ahead – sometimes affectionately known as “two bra days” because you are immediately soaking wet the second you step out of the house into the humid air – but I’m still looking forward to it. I can’t wait to spend some time in the water. I’m not particular what kind, either. Kiddie pool or lake water works just fine. I’m, also, looking forward to time at the beach (the kids ask me every other day when we are going). I think I’m even going to have a decent vegetable and herb garden this summer! Yea Summer! Bring it on!

  5. Thunderstorms and long days…and watermelon, too. Perfect. This was a great list.

  6. Organic Mama

    Short pants, clam diggers, crops, capris and rolled up pants… I love them too and can always be found in them when the temps climb. I am not a fan of my knees, so I won’t be seen in shorts unless the heat addles my brain and deactivates my knee aversion…

    Summer is wonderful tie to take it a little easier, connect with growing things, hang out with dear friends over bbq or town walking, eat ice cream and drink iced coffee and generally marvel at the diversity of the seasons that bring us from bundled up in wool to exposing our ankles…

  7. Ahhh, summer. You’ve captured it perfectly.
    I love each change of season- and after the winter we had, it does make spring and the onset of summer all the sweeter.

  8. Summer? There’s ice on my car this morning. Winter is a few days away, here in Oz!

  9. how is your magic tulip doing?

  10. Actually, Daz, a deer ate my magic tulip. I’m glad I got a picture of it before it became someone’s snack, though! I hope it was sweet and yummy..

  11. This summer’s vacation from school (my #7) is already shaping up better than the past several: I’ve officially been on vacation less than a week, and I’ve already read 2 books!

    Oh, and can I just say how jealous I am that you live somewhere that you can sleep with your windows open in the summertime?! We’d melt down here!

  12. Brenda

    Love your list. You’re lucky for some of it. (All the open windows.) The waking up to light is a favorite of mine.

  13. Ice cream! grilling!

    Grilling ice cream!!

  14. Ten Things Tuesday .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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