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Happy Belated Birthday

Yesterday was my beloved’s birthday and no, I didn’t forget; I had a FFFriday post all written and ready to go, and yesterday was too busy for me to take the time to write a proper birthday post. Besides, Mr. Chili isn’t the “go all out for birthdays” kind of guy, so I’m certain his feelings aren’t hurt that I’m posting his birthday love today instead of yesterday. Here, then, are some of the many reasons why I’m celebrating another trip around the sun with my husband:

~ He’s funny as hell. Literally not a day goes by when he doesn’t make me laugh. We’re well-tuned to one another, and we have enough shared history that, often, a raising of an eyebrow or a wink and a nod is all it takes.

~ He loves his children with a fierceness and playfulness and ease that astound me. He volunteers for field trips (as a matter of fact, he spent his birthday yesterday chaperoning Punkin’ Pie’s fifth grade band trip to an amusement park), he reads bedtime stories, he disciplines and coaches and tutors, and he does it all without a second thought – he’s their dad, that’s what he does. I knew, when I married him, that he’d be a great father. I had no idea then, though, just how lucky our children would be to have this man to call Daddy.

~ He is the smartest person I know. Seriously. I’m in awe of his professional life and proud of his work ethic. He can explain things to me in a way that makes me understand him. I feel safe when he’s around and smarter because he’s with me.

~ He is crazy-reliable. I trust him with literally everything I am and everything I have. It’s sometimes scary to have all one’s eggs in one basket, but I’m as certain as I can be that all of my proverbial little chickies are safe with him.

~ He is the kind of man that I imagine other men admire. He’s strong in an understated kind of way. He’s compassionate and caring while still guarding his inner self. He can talk sports and politics, and he’s a mean hand at the grill. He is a good and true friend.

~ He picks up where I leave off in just about everything. We make a great team, and I can’t imagine making this life with anyone else.

Happy Birthday, My Mister! The post may be a day late, but the love never stops.

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