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Honey brought the Chili family to Provincetown on Friday.  When we decided to come to the Cape to be with the TwoBlueDays, I didn’t have any agenda other than to spend time in a beautiful environment with people I really, really like.

The people I really, really like asked me what I wanted to do with our time, though, so I had to do some quick thinking.  I’ve never been to Provincetown, and I’ve always wanted to (I somehow never managed to get down there with Aunite and her friends – that’s going to change next summer, I can tell you that for sure….Anyway.)  I asked if that was something that could be done, and both Gerry and Honey agreed that it was entirely possible.

Both of them came to me separately, though, to ask if I was sure I wanted to bring the girls.  Things can get pretty funky in P’Town, being that it’s very gay-friendly, and my friends weren’t sure about the appropriateness of that kind of environment on impressionable young people.  They knew I’d never been there, so I had no basis for judging what I might or might not see there and they wanted to know that I’d be okay bringing my girls to town with us.

While it’s true that I’d not been there, it’s not true that I didn’t know what to expect; Auntie goes to P’Town a lot and tells me some pretty good stories (my sister is a master story-teller; if you don’t believe me, go see for yourself).  I’ve also spent some time around some exuberantly out people in my life, so I know, at least a little, what I was going to see.

More to the point, though, I wanted my children to see.  I assured the TwoBlueDays that the girls would be fine; they’ve lived their whole lives knowing that Auntie loves women.  They know that I’m an ally and they understand what that means.  We’ve had conversations about civil rights and they understand that people can be – and are – discriminated against because of who they love.  I wanted my girls to go to P’Town to see what happens when the pressure’s off.

Just to be sure, though, I spoke to them (separately) and told them that we were going to a place where gay people don’t have to worry about being discriminated against because of who they love.  What would happen, I asked them, if someone told you, all the time, that you couldn’t do something – no, no, no; can’t, can’t, can’t – and then you find yourself in a place where you can.  Both girls thought for a split second and then said “you’d do it BIG!”


We didn’t see much of that aforementioned exuberant outness, but we did see a few couples walking down the street holding hands and one or two strangely dressed folks; one, I swear to Goddess, was the spitting image of Lily Tomlin as Ernestine.  S/he was riding a bicycle touting a caberet show later that evening, and as she slowed down to navigate our little group, she gave Beanie a wink.  I loved it!

I want to bring my girls back to town next summer when the atmosphere is more out.  I want them to see straight families and gay families walking down the same streets.  I want them to understand how much work needs to be down outside of the city limits of Provincetown, and for them to think about what they can do to make those changes possible in their own home town.


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How Was YOUR Day?

The Chili family is having a truly wonderful time with the TwoBlueDays.  So much fun, in fact, that I don’t have any time to blog.  I’ll give you something fun tomorrow – for now, I’m off to chill with my friends.


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Ooops! I Almost Forgot it is Friday!

Here are this week’s F-F-Flowers. I took this while strolling through Provincetown.

Mr. Chili took this one – it’s MUCH better than the shot I took of the same blossom.


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Humpbacks and Malassada!

The Chili family had a FANTASTIC TIME today!

Sadly, we weren’t able to spend much time at all with Gerry – he had to take his brother to the airport. We got up in the morning and had some bagels with Gerry and Honey, and they convinced us that the whale watch out of Provincetown was not to be missed. Since whale watching is one of Honey’s “most favorite” things to do, we all piled into the car and she drove us to the very tippity-end of Massachusetts.

We got to the pier and bought the tickets for the noon-ish cruise, then strolled down a bit of town to the Portuguese bakery that Honey adores (her favorite things are malassadas – little bits of fried dough) where we got the aforementioned yumminess, along with a bit of lunchiness.

We strolled around for a bit more, then made for the boat.

We rode on the Portuguese Princess and had a fantastic tour guide; this guy was eloquent (not an “um” or “ughhh” in the speech). He taught us about the whales we were likely to see, about the biological differences between different types of whales, then passed around a little vial of zoo plankton and a section of baleen for us to look at.

We were hardly out of the harbor when we spotted our first whale, a big humpback with a sense of humor – she was breeching and slapping and providing amazing photo ops. Observe!

(Gerry from TwoBlueDay boosted this picture and did some magic with it to make it even more stunning. Go on over and have a look)

We found a BUNCH of other whales – mostly humpbacks, but the lack of variety didn’t matter one bit to me. At one point, a group of four of them came right up to the boat

went under, then came out on the other side!

(Mr. Chili took these pictures – this happened at about the height of my wooziness)

It was amazing.

I had a wonderful time (though I do need a bit of work on my sea legs – once the boat stopped forward motion, I started getting a little woozy. I managed to keep it all together, though, and no one in my vicinity booted, so I was good (you know about me and sympathetic puking, right?). Our trip in was smooth and cool, and I recovered enough to take some neat-o pictures, check it out. This is the very tippity-end of Cape Cod:

Here’s a replica of a 1600s Dutch ship that was sailing out for a little cruise around the harbor. Our tour guide told us the name and some details of the original boat, but I’ve forgotten all of that – I was too excited about seeing the thing on the water.

Once we got back to the dock, we went back to the Portuguese bakery (can you guess why?) and then went to score some fudge. After that, we embarked on a quest to find a new pride flag cling for the Puck – I’ve had mine on my car for about 20 years (I’ve moved it from the CRX to the Jetta to the Puck), and it’s tired and faded, so I wanted a new one. I was surprised by how difficult a thing it was to find in a town known for being one of the gay-friendliest places in the country. I found one, though, and good thing; if I hadn’t found it when I did, I was going to give up and order one off the internet.

We got back to the car, buckled in, and headed for home. Gerry was called and given a pizza order – have you ever had spaghetti pizza? You should; it’s fantastic.

After the pizza, we headed to score ourselves some ice cream (no chocolate peanut butter, though, so we’ve got to go back to the place I went to last weekend at some point before we leave) and then to run a grocery store errand. As I write this, Gerry and Mr. Chili are watching baseball (though Gerry’s a bit reluctant about it), Honey and I are back-to-back with the laptop screens, and the girls are upstairs in the big tubby, enjoying a soak.

It’s good to be us tonight…


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Protected: Just So You Know…

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Cop Out

You’re getting nothing of substance from me today – I’m far too busy with life to do much blogging.

Too busy, she says?  What could she possibly be doing?!  Well, the syllabi for my Freshman English classes are due this morning, and I’ve only got one of them ready.  I’m going to be in an orientation class until 3:00, and we’re leaving to go to Gerry’s just as soon as the girls are sprung from school this afternoon, which means I’ve got to get the trash out (collection day is tomorrow), I’ve got to arrange with the neighbor to feed the beasties over the weekend, I’ve got to run the laundry that’s in the machines (I DON’T want to come home to moldy, damp clothes), I’ve got to make sure we’re adequately packed and supplied (it’s a long drive), and I’ve got to make sure that the car is in traveling condition.

I believe that I’ll have access to the internet at Gerry’s (I was able to post the pretty flower picture from his computer while I was there, and I’m bringing my own computer this time) so there’ll be posts this weekend.  Hopefully, they’ll be, you know, good, because this one isn’t.

Okay – gotta go.  Love you all!  MWAH!


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Don’t Ask Me Why…

… but I feel compelled to tell you that today is my biological father’s 59th birthday.

I haven’t seen the man in almost a decade, and I don’t feel the least bit of regret or sadness about that; in fact, it’s best for me and my family that I haven’t had anything to do with him in that time.  Still, for all of that, I harbor no overt ill-will against the man; I’ve moved on and I don’t have the energy to hate him anymore, but neither do I want any of his influence in my life.

I’m marking his birthday, though.  For him, I’m sending some good energy out into the universe.  Just because I want him utterly separate from me doesn’t mean I can’t wish him well for his own sake, right?


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