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The “Weeds, Glorious Weeds!” edition!

Here is the view from the end of my driveway:

I have no idea what any of these flowers are (can you tell by now that I’m not a botanist?   I think I use some variation of the phrase “I have no idea what this flower is” in every FFFriday post), but I think they’re pretty, especially in concert as they are.  The tall, spiky ones the back – these guys:

have a kind of sharp, cabaret-show purple that serves a lovely contrast with the dome-shaped, dusky purple things that the bees just ADORE:

The sharpness of these little pitcher-type flowers, in their almost leopard-spotted orange, rounds out the scene:

A lot of people in my neighborhood weed-whack between their yards and the street, and spend their weekends tending annuals that they’ve planted in the spaces they create.  Mr. Chili and I don’t do that, and never have.  First of all, we’re too lazy.  Second, we like the dense and wild growth that happens in the summer, and we like that it serves as a natural fence between us and the cars going by.  Besides, a “weed” is just a plant that’s growing where it’s not wanted, right?  In that case, these aren’t weeds at all, but a beautiful, maintenance-free garden given to us – and the bumble bees – by the Goddess.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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