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Monday Randomness

It seems I’m falling into a pattern of randomness on Monday. I hope none of you minds…

* Did you know that I write here about yoga stuff and here about cooking stuff? I opened up two other blogs so that I didn’t bog this site down with topic-specific things. If you’re interested, click on through; I’d love your input.

* Someone I love is potentially coming home today after leaving town for a few weeks to do some intensive self-care. I’m anxiously awaiting the return of my (healthier) friend.

* I am hoping to make a trip to IKEA with Bowyer some time this week. The girls need another dresser, and Mr. Chili put together the last of the wardrobes yesterday, so I need some drawers and shelves for that. We’ve also done some re-thinking of the family room – remember when I asked for advice? Well, we’ve put the couch against the windows and put this chair facing the television. I hope to bring home a mate to the chair during the IKEA run; the room is off-kilter with only one.

* I desperately want to send birthday love to a lost friend, but I don’t know if it would be received well. I think it might be best if I just vibe really hard for her on that day.

* I bought myself this pendant (in gold) as a present/representation of the Shoah fellowship, and I love it.

The symbol for the fellowship is the tree of life, and this one makes me happy (though it frustrates the crap out of Punkin’ Pie because she can’t quite see the doves – the gold version doesn’t have the birds cut out, and the background makes them harder to discern). I’m not really one for lots of jewelry – I tend to wear the same things day in and day out (my wedding and engagement rings; the bracelet that matches our wedding rings, which was Mr. Chili’s wedding gift to me; the earrings that match my wedding ring; and the sapphire and diamond ring that Mr. Chili gave me as a 10th anniversary gift). Still, when I think to wear it, I do like this necklace.

* I also have this necklace, which Mr. Chili and I bought on our way home from celebrating our 12th anniversary in June.

I love the symbolism of the compass rose as it relates to our marriage

* I’m starting to get a little nervous about starting classes at Local U. in a few weeks. I KNOW that I’ll be fine, but the combination of a new environment and a new schedule and, you know, teaching at a real university with, you know, academic standards, is a little daunting. I can’t wait to get the hell in there, already, so I can stop being nervous and start working.

* I go in for my annual poke-and-prod this morning. Oh, joy.

* I may be picking up a Friday evening yoga class. There’s demand for it from the members at the health club, and I’m on the short list as an instructor for it. I’d like to pick up another class, I think, but I’m not going to count those chickens before they’re hatched.

That’s about all I’ve got for you today, Kids. Happy Monday!


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