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Hunting, Updated

Bowyer and I are going to IKEA this morning after I drop the kids at camp. My hope is to come back with:

* a bouncy chair ** I got this, but I got the wrong color frame (DAMMIT!!)  I’m going back tomorrow to exchange it.  Dumbass!

* two short bookcases ** They’re expensive, so I only got one.  I consider this accomplished, though; one’s enough for now.

* several shelves and a couple of drawers for the loft wardrobe  ** CHECK!  These aren’t worth linking; they’re not pretty or fun – pure function, here.

* a couple of dressers for the girls’ closet  ** CHECK!  I bought two of these.

* two new doormats for the front and garage doors  ** CHECK!  I actually got something that looks more like these.

* two, possibly three, side tables for the family room  ** CHECK!  I got these, but Mr. Chili isn’t sure he loves them, so we may get the black Maltes after all.

* two plant stands to put under the east-facing windows in the dining and family rooms  ** CHECK!  These came in the form of these short little stools.

* a couple of plant pots for things that have outgrown their current living arrangements.  ** I actually DIDN’T get these.  I was disappointed to see that, while they’re all lovely, none of the plant pots had drainage holes in them.  I dislike root-rot.

I also came back with a couple of wire curtain rods for our bedroom windows (it’s going to be a long, cold winter, and I think that covering the windows may help with heat retention), a dish brush, a plastic colander, and a six-pack of cinnamon rolls.  Yum!


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