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Don’t Eat That

Seriously, You Guys?  We decided to do a freezer-aisle dinner tonight (we couldn’t decide on one dinner for the whole family, so everyone chose their own).

I ADORE Tom Ka Gai.  Light, slightly sweet, and lively (and entirely fish-less), this is a soup I order every time I’m anywhere near a Thai restaurant.

The main components of the soup are chicken, lemongrass and coconut, so when I saw this

I thought that it would be fabulous.

I was sadly mistaken.

Really?  It tasted much like I expect lemon dish soap might taste.  Blech.  I tried to power may way through it, thinking it would grow on me, but alas; I’m left with a mouth that tastes something like this:

Trust me on this one; go for the Hungry Mans.


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Can you believe it?  It’s Friday, AGAIN!  YAY!

Beanie took this picture with my iPhone while hanging out the window of my parked Golf at the country store in the town where my mom lives.  This place is the epitome of country store; it’s a little, tiny, wood-floored place with a screen door that bangs shut behind you.  They sell everything from lock oil to locally made, gourmet pasta (and, of course, lobstah rolls.

Anyway, I’d sent Punkin’ in to get a quart of milk for Mom and Bean asked if she could take the picture.  I said “sure” and, as a result, ended up with a FFF picture.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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