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They Play Everything

There’s a radio station out of Boston that I love.  It’s called Mike FM and, from what I’ve noticed from being in other areas, it’s one of many stations of its kind.  Their tag line is “we play everything” and with the exception of classical music and polka, I think that’s mostly true (I heard The Devil Went Down to Georgia the other day, I swear to God).

The only thing I dislike about Mike FM is that they don’t have a run down of the songs they’ve played (mostly because they don’t have a d.j.), so if you come in at the tail end of a song, you have no way of finding out what that song was.  What’s worse is when you come in at the tail end of a song while you’re driving in your car; the best you can do is pull a scrap of paper out of your glove box at a stop light and note the time, then hope you remember to check online to find out what that song was.

Well, that happened to me the other day, except that I didn’t HAVE a scrap of paper and I never GOT to a stoplight, even if I did.  The thing is, though, I KNEW I knew the song – I KNEW it; I knew it was a Journey tune, I just couldn’t tell you which one it was.  As a consequence, I had the closing riff of this tune in my head for DAYS, with no way of going back to look it up.  I thought the time was around 2:00, but I checked in the Mike archives for a bout a week back, but none of the songs they played around 2 p.m. was the song I was looking for.

I had reached the end of my proverbial rope last night, and decided that I was going to call Mr. Chili’s friend BoBo to ask if he knew what the song was.  BoBo has an uncanny ability with music, and I was sure he’d know the tune from the snatch of it that I had rolling around in my head.  When I told Mr. Chili that I was going to give BoBo a call, he told me that he was sure HE could come up with the tune.  I hummed it for him, but he was stumped.

Trying to be self-sufficient, I went to iTunes and looked up what I THOUGHT was the song, but that didn’t help me much because iTunes only puts samples of the songs on their site, and the sample they gave happened to not be the piece that was on constant loop through my head.  Finally, I looked online for a free programmable radio sort of site, found this, then found this and confirmed that the song that I missed was Stone in Love by Journey.

Whew!  Exhausting, aren’t I?


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