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Fishy, Fishy, Part II

We had a FANTASTIC time.

We sailed into the city – we left at the perfect time to miss all of the incoming traffic – and I managed to get us there with no navigational hiccups (no small feat now that the Big Dig has moved all the exits on me!). We parked in the garage and headed to the ticket counter. I bought tickets while the girlies looked at seals (from left to right we have Punkin’, Monkeyface, and Beanie).

It was a good morning for a little sunbathing:

We arrived just in time for penguin breakfast. The penguin habitat was filled with wet-suited workers feeding, cleaning, and notating. I didn’t get any good pictures of that, though – I didn’t realize until around the jellyfish that my camera was on the wrong setting:

Here’s where I put my camera on the correct setting:

Beanie at the touch tank. The offerings for this morning included sea stars, urchins, and a couple of horseshoe crabs. No rays, though…

Here’s the top of the giant tank:

Myrtle the turtle. The girl who was conducting the Q&A (in whom I had little faith; it seemed to me like she was making a lot of shit up, but whatever) said that Myrtle was about 75 years old and could live to be about 150. DUDE!

(her favorite food is Brussels sprouts and she eats about five heads of lettuce a day, by the way)

As we spiraled our way down the tank, we got to see divers doing the morning feedings:

We had ourselves a little (expensive!) lunch, then meandered toward the exits, but not before going through the special exhibit devoted to jellyfish. This, by far, is the best photograph I took all day:

It was a perfectly wonderful time spent doing fun stuff with people I love.

Go here for the history of the NEA; the site is pretty neat.


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Kizz Got There First!

Kizz has posted the first movie-related post on Please Pass the Popcorn.  Go on over and have a look-see!

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Here, Fishy, Fishy!

The Chili girls, along with the O’Mama girls and Sphyrnatude (who is decidedly NOT a girl) are going to the New England Aquarium this morning!

Report and photos to follow later this afternoon.

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