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Adventures in Photography

Auntie and I are heartily enjoying our time down the Cape with Gerry.  Here’s an example of one of the things we’ve been doing – here’s a picture taken with my camera (I wasn’t behind it when it was taken, though – Gerry took this shot…and played with it in his photo program).  Pretty, non?


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Goin’ Down the Cape

Auntie and I are headed down the Cape* this morning to meet Gerry of TwoBlueDay.  I’m looking forward both to time with my sister (about three hours each way in the car) and to finally laying eyes on this man who’s been writing intriguing comments on my blog (and posting gorgeous pictures on his own) for so long.

One of the things I truly treasure about blogging is the relationships that I’m able to form with the people who read me, and whose blogs *I* read.  Akin to the pen pals of old, blogging buddies can be friends for years without ever having seen one another or heard each other’s voices; just because I’ve never been in someone’s presence doesn’t mean they’re not a true friend.  So far, all the bloggers I’ve met in real life have felt like just what they were – good and old friends.  I’m betting Gerry will be no different.

I’ll be back tomorrow with stories and, hopefully, pictures (one of my goals is to have Gerry teach me a thing or two about making my photography a bit more satisfying).  I hope your Saturday is as much fun as I expect mine will be.

*this is how native New Englanders express the act of visiting Cape Cod (see item #50 on this link). We never say “we’re going to Cape Cod” or “we’re going to the Cape;” we say “we’re goin’ down the Cape.”  No one really knows why.


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