Ten Things Tuesday

I was going to give you another movie post (what am I up to now? 40? I’ll have to check my archives), but there’s a lot happening in Mrs. Chili’s life right now, so you get a big old helping of randomness. Gird your loins!

* The Chili family is headed back down the Cape this coming weekend! Gerry and Honey have (incredibly graciously) opened their home to us, so we’re packing everyone up and heading south on Thursday after school lets out (the girls go to school this week on Wednesday and Thursday, then have the long weekend off from Friday to Monday. No one knows why). I CANNOT WAIT to get back there, both to spend more time with my friends and to be back in that beautiful environment. This time, I’m getting LOTS of pictures!

* Later today, Mr. Chili and I will be the proud owners of a pair of scooters!

This one’s his (though he can’t decide on red or black; I say red, but he’s not sure):

and this one’s mine (it’ll be silver):

The dealership was having a “buy one, get one half off” sale, and it was just too good to pass up. Besides, I had a reintroduction to the adventures of parking at Local U. yesterday, and I’m eager to get something I can chain to the bike rack in front of my building. Even before the university even opens, the parking is a nightmare. I’m going to take the motorcycle safety course (that’s held, coincidentally, in the parking lot of TCC), even though the scooter isn’t powerful enough to require that I have a motorcycle permit on my license. I want the experience, though, before I take the thing on the road.

* I’m going to have an office at L.U. and, if I’m not mistaken, I’ll not have to share it with anyone! How freaking cool is that?! It may well be a supply closet (I’m having images of Ainsley Hayes in the West Wing with her steam junction office), but I couldn’t care less – I HAVE AN OFFICE!! I’m hoping to get the key for it tomorrow, at which point I’m going to start packing the place with books.

* Speaking of books, if you’re a book geek (and you know who you are) now is a GREAT time to troll the hallways of university buildings. In our building, for example, there are tables and boxes and piles of books that are being given away – FOR FREE, Baby! I’m not sure where they came from, but I don’t care – I’m not looking this gift horse in the mouth. I came away with an armload of reference books yesterday morning (and I WOULD have taken more if I could have gotten into my office!). I’m in hog heaven.

* Today is a day devoted to household chores. The Boywer boys are coming to Chez Chili this morning (Bowyer’s back to school and Tonks is at work, so the boys are coming to Auntie Chili’s today) and I’m going to use the time that they’re entertaining each other to do laundry, vacuum, and try to get things in general order. I’m pretty ambitious this morning; I expect to get a lot done.

* I showed my lit. kids The Sixth Sense last night. GOD/DESS, but I love that movie! My only regret is that I can’t see it again for the first time. OH! I almost forgot! While I was at TCC yesterday (surreptitiously liberating some books from the library), Joe found me and offered me another gig for next semester! I’ll be teaching this exact class again – lit on Monday nights from 8:15 to 10:20. I’m looking forward to being able to stay at TCC for another semester.

* This has been the summer of chocolate peanut butter ice cream; I just can’t get enough of the stuff. I’ve never been a big fan of choco-p.b. ice cream; I mean, I loves me some Reese’s, but my tastes in ice cream have never leaned in that direction. Mr. Chili’s been groovin’ the p.b. fudge ice cream for years, but it never really did much for me until this season. I’ve been plowing through half gallons of every variety I can find. We’ve tried a couple of Hood varieties and Edy’s – not to mention the positively yummy scoops that Don bought for me last weekend. Mr. Chili tells me that I have a tendency to wear out my cravings, and this is no exception. Mmmmmm!

* I am LOVING John Adams by David McCullough. I’ve never read any of his work before, and if this is any indication of his ability, I’m going to head right into 1776 as soon as I’m at the back cover of Adams. I pre-ordered the DVDs of the HBO miniseries as soon as I heard a feature story about it on NPR (we don’t get HBO, so I had to wait for the DVD release), and we loved every freaking second of it (in fact, I’m looking forward to watching it again with O’Mama). Seriously – fantastic stuff. I just finished a section that included this quote, which I’m going to print out and frame somewhere, I think:

You will ever remember that all the end of study is to make you a good man and a useful citizen.”

Yeah; that’s the point, all right.

* Today marks a week since the last of my dental work was done, and I still don’t feel right. I was amazed that the work that was done last week kicked my ass more than getting the wisdom teeth out. I’ve got to talk to my dentist to find out why that is; I was too stoned to remember any of it.

* Here’s another picture I took while at the Cape with Gerry. I messed with it a bit, but I don’t know if I made it any better…

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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21 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Lea

    What!? You just couldn’t stand being vehicle-payment free? Next thing you know, you’ll be wanting a Harley. 😉

    I once had an office that resembled a closet. It was the first time I had an office to myself. (Always before I’d had to share or was in a cube.) When it was first assigned, I was pretty excited about my office but a co-worker came in to check it out and asked me who I’d pissed off… It worked for me. I hope yours is better, though!

  2. Lea, believe it or not, the scooters work out to be so little that we can pay for them in cash. When I say it was “too good to pass up,” I’m not exaggerating…

  3. You’ve got a lot going on! The flower is nice. I think yellow flowers are hard to make look right. OK, I don’t play with editing software, but just taking a picture of a yellow flower, especially in sunlight, usually means (for me) taking a picture that will not get posted or printed.

  4. Dudley

    Chocolate peanut butter ice cream.. mmmmmmmm

    If you can find it, try Turkey Hill brand. Positively the BEST Choc PB Cup we’ve ever had.

    Number 2 son likes to jazz it up by pouring melted Jif peanut butter on top. I kid you not.

  5. Oooooh – melted peanut butter – insert happy Homer sounds here. The next trip to the market will include a Turkey (Hill) hunt, and tell Number Two Son that he can come and stay with Auntie Chili ANY TIME HE WANTS!

  6. I love scooters… you can be a “mod”…so much more ecological, 2 wheels!

  7. I *love* the scooters! I wish my town were more “scooter-friendly”–things are a little too spread out, though. I love the Ten Things Tuesday idea–sign me up!

  8. Love the scooters! Actually, I’m jealous. I hope to live vicariously through you.

    Until this most recent shopping trip, I had been devoted to the PBC ice cream you mentioned. Something made me go for the butterfinger–and I’m glad I did! I don’t even like butterfinger candy bars.

  9. I. am. so. jealous. A scooter?!?!?!?! I saw a light turquoise one earlier this summer that had my name all over it. Unfortunately, my bank account said, “NO DEAL.” But I am so happy for you, and your reduction in carbon footprint!

  10. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    Zoom! You know that when you take the class you have to ride a real motorcycle right? I’m glad you are taking it.

  11. mike

    I am so totally jealous of you over the scooter thing. I have wanted one so bad all summer long. Just so many other things going on right now. Maybe next year.

  12. I love when people give away books. It’s how I’ve obtained nearly all the classics I will likely never read.

    That said, you can sometimes find books being given away at public schools who don’t have room to keep older things. I like to sift through them, and then talk the librarian into donating the rest to a literacy program.

  13. Laurie B

    What fun! Back to the Cape with peeps and new scooters too. Be very careful on the scooters. New drivers in the two wheeled world have to be extra careful. The four wheeled drivers are not paying attention most of the time.

    I’d hoped to keep it light but if you two are riding scooters, be sure to have wills and health care proxies and all that junk completed. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Mr. Twoblueday might be able to convince you why these papers are important.

    Have great fun at the Cape. As if you need to be told to do that! It seems like a family reunion of sorts!

  14. LOVE the Cape. And Love scooters. We need to get some out here in Western Mass. If’n you’re ever free in the early spring, say early June, let us know and we may be able to give you & the fambly a nice Cape+ weekend. (yes’n, we has a place near there that’s pretty damned NICE, but sometimes overwhelmed by fambly).

  15. Laurie B

    I live in Western MA too, 5 miles from the big local University. We have a combination here of eco-friendly locals and the very many international students that learned how to drive (if at all ) in Third World countries. Rules? HA..forget them. Be careful, please.

    I’d love to ride my bike to work, I did it in Boston for years. There were many bike paths out there and there quite a few out here, but none from where I live to where I want to go. That means playing with four wheeled drivers. I see drivers reading the paper, shaving, brushing teeth, checking email..good grief.

    Be careful out there, ok?

  16. So, what exactly is the scoop with these scooters? I take it they’re not gas powered? Electric, perhaps? Some other alternative energy source? How do they do for speed and carrying capacity and such? What do they cost, on average?

    Curious little bastard, ain’t I? 🙂

  17. I’m totally with you on ice cream- notice how I delve into the IMPORTANT items first!
    Having scooter envy- good for you guys! My brother in law likes to pronounce “Fusion” like “Fussy One” (he’s got a Ford Fusion).
    My book club that I’m breaking up with is reading “1776”. I’m actually excited to read it, just not with them.
    Enjoy your weekend- can’t wait for pics!

  18. LOVE PB and choc ice cream but the only kind I found that I like is Baskin Robbins and we don’t have those anymore in Iowa. I’ve tried every other brand of PB and choc ice cream I could find and I haven’t cared for any of them.

    The scooters are cool! I would kill for a beautiful turqoise one!

  19. jrh

    Woo hoo! Have fun!

    And, as far as the “noone knows why” with the start of school schedule, my “calendar committee” has explained it like this — it’s a compromise so that we can get some days in before Labor Day, but still give families a chance to get away for one last time before summer is over. (I do not make the rules; I merely explain them as they have been explained to me.)

  20. Love the scotter! Do they let you test drive them? How fast does it go? Did you buy a snazzy new helmet??

    I hope you enjoy your steam pipe trunk distribution center. I’d love to have my own office. LOVE.

    John Adams is on my list. I’m finishing up Breaking Dawn (the final installment from the Twilight Series) then will be looking for something new.

  21. twoblueday

    I actually saw an electric scooter store in Newport the other day. I was really tempted, but, then, we already have a hybrid car and electric bikes. Can’t get every gizmo on the market!

    Your beds are made.

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