Wordless Wednesday

The First Day of School, 2008.  Beanie, on the left, enters fourth grade; Punkin’ Pie starts sixth:



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14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Too cute!

    Isn’t amazing how their bacpacks are almost as big as they are?

    That was something that blew me away when I did my internship – none of the kids used their lockers, so they almost all toted around these ENORMOUS packs! Some of the smaller kids looked like they were about to fall over backwards from the weight…

  2. they are so small and the road is big… I am glad to see that your family are members of the redheaded league

  3. Darci

    Ahh, the memories…sent mine off to 12th and 10th last week. And they were still holding hands.

  4. From what I’m hearing, Kizz, it WAS a happy day.

    Falcon, they ARE cute, huh? As for the backpacks, Punkin’ reports to me that she gets to use her locker a lot more this year than last; she’ll get two opportunities to get to it during the day, which means she can schedule what she’s got to carry around based on her locker visit time.

    Rosie, that road is actually the driveway, but I get your point; the proverbial road IS wide. They seem to be navigating it pretty well so far, too!

    Darci, shut up. I know it’ll only be tomorrow when we’ll be sending Punkin’ Pie off to college. I’m paying VERY close attention to every day – I don’t want to miss any of it.

  5. That photo speaks volumes. I’m off to go cry in the bathroom for you-I seem to be doing that a lot these days.

  6. kwizgiver

    Oh, the excitement and nervousness of a new school year! I loved getting new school supplies, the scent of erasers, the feel of new crayons… and that was two weeks ago!

    Cute that they still hold hands. 🙂

  7. liv

    unbearably cute. just terrific.

  8. That’s just precious. But you knew that already.

  9. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    Is that the same backpack I bought for Punkin when she went to kindergarden?!! My God! At the time, it was the smallest LL Bean one I could find. If it is the same one, I am glad to see it is still in use!

  10. What a sweet photo. I hope they they always remain close and stand by each other on whatever road they choose.

  11. twoblueday

    And I get to meet them?!

  12. Aw, they’re too cute, even from the back!

    And they’re wearing sweaters?! We have 80-degree mornings here right now!

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