Daily Archives: August 28, 2008

Cop Out

You’re getting nothing of substance from me today – I’m far too busy with life to do much blogging.

Too busy, she says?  What could she possibly be doing?!  Well, the syllabi for my Freshman English classes are due this morning, and I’ve only got one of them ready.  I’m going to be in an orientation class until 3:00, and we’re leaving to go to Gerry’s just as soon as the girls are sprung from school this afternoon, which means I’ve got to get the trash out (collection day is tomorrow), I’ve got to arrange with the neighbor to feed the beasties over the weekend, I’ve got to run the laundry that’s in the machines (I DON’T want to come home to moldy, damp clothes), I’ve got to make sure we’re adequately packed and supplied (it’s a long drive), and I’ve got to make sure that the car is in traveling condition.

I believe that I’ll have access to the internet at Gerry’s (I was able to post the pretty flower picture from his computer while I was there, and I’m bringing my own computer this time) so there’ll be posts this weekend.  Hopefully, they’ll be, you know, good, because this one isn’t.

Okay – gotta go.  Love you all!  MWAH!


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