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Like a Hole in the Head

That’s how much I need new blogs to read. I keep findin’ ’em, though, and here are some of the new ones that have made their way to my feed reader in recent weeks:

** My sister’s friend (who she calls Auntie Teacher – I don’t know what she’ll call herself) started a blog the other day that she’s titled Here’s My Side of the Story. I’m SO looking forward to this – I love this woman and have always enjoyed talking (and listening) to her. I’m excited for her musings online, and I hope that you’ll join in the conversation.

** Morgan opened up her own blog (finally!) and I’m loving getting to know her through more than just her comments. Go on over and have a look.

** This is an HYSTERICAL site where people go to write their stories about crazy customer behavior in the workplace. It’s called The Customer is Not Always Right and some of the stories I read, even on the first page, sent me right over the edge.

** Kizz’s buddy MAB started a blog a while ago – how I missed his debut, I don’t know, but I know FOR SURE that he’s going to be a regular read for me. I’ve only been in this man’s presence maybe four times, for a total of about 35 minutes, but the impression he made on each of those occasions was significant. He’s the kind of person I love to hang around with – quiet but crazy-funny, genuine and kind, and way smarter than your average bear. I’m very much looking forward to learning – and laughing – with him. Even this blog’s name is funny – Spanky McShmanky’s Cub Scout Den of Iniquity. How can you not love that?

** I found Nurseexec over at Driven to Distraction a few weeks ago. Well, truth be told, she found me, but who’s counting? She’s smart and funny and has picked up on our little Ten Things Tuesday party. Go on over and check her out – she’s posted a ten must-have list for hurricane survival for her TTT this week; nothin’ says lovin’ like a big-ass flashlight, especially one that can light up the house AND charge your cell phone.

In closing, I want to commemorate today for two reasons. First, today is the day I begin teaching English at the University level. I’m nervous (as I always am on the first day of new classes), but I’m sure it’s going to be great, and I’m eagerly heading off into this next part of my professional adventures.

AND, today is the day I publish post number 1,003. I was going to make a big deal of 1,000, but Gerry convinced me that it’s just as much fun to celebrate the odd numbers as it is to celebrate the even ones. “What makes a 10th anniversary any more important than a 7th, or a 16th?” he asked. Indeed.

Happy Wednesday – and happy reading – Everyone!


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