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Zed, We Have a Bug

Mr. Chili and I were walking around campus last week, enjoying the nice weather as we walked, hand in hand, to have lunch.  Along the way, we were passed by countless girls in various stages of undress outfits; some of them were cute and some of them… well, let’s just say that I bet their mommas don’t know they left the house dorm looking like that.

But I digress.

It seems to me, and Mr. Chili concurs, that the newest trend in young female fashion is to wear little spaghetti-strapped babydoll tops, preferably with empire waists and hems that end somewhere around low hip, over short-shorts.  The ensemble is completed by the addition of flip-flops and a pair of enormous sunglasses.

Mr. Chili blames Paris Hilton.

Am I getting old, or does this look utterly ridiculous to you, too?  If it’s ridiculous on the uber-rich, is it more ridiculous on impoverished college students?  Is it just me?!

I think they look like bugs.  The only thing worse than these is the over-sized aviator glasses that some of the boys are wearing.  I guess my little, small-framed sunglasses tag me as an old fart, huh?


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