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Come Read with Me! The Best is Yet to Be!

Okay, y’all; I’m sounding the clarion call.

Saintseester, Bo, and I started The Dark and Stormy Book Club WAAAAAY back in July of ’07.  Since that time, we’ve read some amazing books and had some truly stimulating discussions.  My co-hosts are smart and funny and well-read, and I have loved every single month of our reading adventures – regardless of whether or not I’ve loved the books we’ve read (and, just for the record, I’ve not loved every book).

I’m writing to you about our little book club because I want to encourage some of you (and you know who you are) to actually join us.  You keep saying that you’re interested in reading – you may even listen to the podcasts and tell us that it cerrtainly sounds like fun – but you don’t really participate, do you?  You’re kind of on the sidelines – not HINDERING anything, to be sure, but not lending your voices, either.

So I’m challenging you, my dear friends and readers, to pick up a book right now and play with us.  We’re fun, we’re not intimidating at all, and with the exception of one or two clunkers, we pick some fantastic books to read.  This month, for example, Bo’s chosen Stephen King’s The Stand which I, despite my voracious reading appetite and my English degrees (which is to say that I kind of read for a living), have yet to have an opportunity to crack.  I’m doing so now with great relish; SK’s horror doesn’t do much for me, but his stories – The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption and Dolores Claiborn – thrill and delight me.

It’s important to one of my cohosts that our book club consist of more participants than just we three.  Not only do I want my friend to have this wish, but I also know from personal experience that lit classes are much better when there are more voices in the conversation.  How about adding yours?


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