Daily Archives: September 20, 2008

My Best Work

Wordlily had a post up on her site the other day in which she presented links to some of what she considers to be her best entries (“so far”; I love that she qualified that!).  This intrigued me, so I started cruising through my archive to try to come up with some of the pieces that, were I asked to put together a portfolio of representative work, I would include as some of my best.

I’ve got to start with this one.  My identification as a GLBTQ ally is one of the things that most informs who I am, and I think that this post would be a good place to start if someone new here were trying to figure Mrs. Chili out.

I like this post because I think it captures both the dread that I have about my recurring disease and the sense of humor with which I try to face it (no pun intended…).

Here’s another post where I talk about something that was decidedly UNpleasant with a lean toward the humorous.

In this post, I try to articulate my feelings about my own self-identity as a writer.

So, what do you think?  In your experience with me, are these representative of my best work?  Would you add or subtract something?  What would you choose out of YOUR entries that best articulate who you are?


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