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Vote Early, Vote Often

PBS is running a poll that asks viewers whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be VP.

When I voted this morning, the count was 52% yes and 46% no.

Seriously?!  The woman is a train wreck in lipstick, and that little bit of dread I’ve been carrying at the prospect of yet another Republican win this year has cranked up to full-blown fear.

Go.  Vote. Then make sure you vote when it really counts.

Images from the Alaska Woman Reject Palin rally.


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Didn’t Our Mothers Win This Fight Already?

Beanie was invited to a birthday party yesterday, and her little-girl friend asked for something very specific as a gift from my daughter; she wanted a basketball.

I was happy to hear this as basketballs are generally easy to come by and are relatively inexpensive.  Bean and I made a trip to the local super-store, found a likely candidate, and headed for the check-out.

As we were waiting in line to buy our little gifty, I was having a closer look at the package.

Recommended for MALES?! Are you KIDDING ME?  Oh, THIS is just NOT okay!

I pointed this bit of packaging information out to my daughter who, being the equality-minded and liberated young woman that she already is, rightly stated that this ball was, in fact, being purchased for the use of a certain young lady who was celebrating her ninth year.

“Maybe we should write a letter,” my little feminist posited.  I think we should.  I’m going to let Beanie compose it and I’ll see that it gets directed to the right people.  It’ll be very interesting to see what kind of response my righteously outraged (and exceedingly articulate) nine-year-old receives from corporate headquarters about their blatant sexism.

Watch this space; I’ll post both the letter and whatever reply Spaulding sends us as they become available.

(just as an aside, when we came to retrieve Bean from the party, the birthday girl was running around with her favorite present – the basketball.  Recommended for males 12+, my ass!)


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