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Monday Randomness

Ah, the start of a new week!

* Let’s start with the fun stuff, shall we?  Saintseester has decided to run a contest over at Please Pass the Popcorn.  Smartie that she is, she’s figured out how to insert a movie still into the banner header at the home page of the blog (which I STILL think is way-wicked cool, by the way).  Starting today, she’s going to pop in a new still every day until Saturday.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect the answer to what film the still originates from and, on Saturday, email your list to saintseester at saintseester dot com.  An entry from among those with the most correct answers will be chosen at random for a Blockbuster Night gift card, which gets you two movie rentals, two Cokes, and a bucket of popcorn.  How cool is that?!

* I’m seriously considering quitting my gig at the health club.  There are a lot of reasons behind this thinking, not the least of which is that the work environment – from the organization, not the participants – has gone from being mildly annoying to almost intolerable.  I tell my yoga class people to aspire to the wisdom of the Ben and Jerry’s bumper sticker – if it’s not fun, why do it? and I don’t feel like I’m living the example I want to set for them by staying.  I don’t really find joy in the work that I’m doing over there, mostly because I’m constantly afraid that the ground is going to give way underneath me.  I’ve not written any resignation letters yet, but I think that one might be in my not-too-distant future.

* I think I’m finallly settling into my gig at Local U.  Last week was a bit of a strain because I made a commitment to see every student for a preliminary writing conference and, as a consequence, had NO free time from Monday through Thursday.  This week should be a bit more manageable, and I’m looking forward to getting the kids workshopping with each other on their first essays starting tomorrow.

* I think autumn has well and truly begun here in New England.  The nights are getting downright chilly and the daytime highs haven’t made it past about 70 in the last two weeks.  I’m not quite ready to dig out all the winter woobies yet, but the time is fast approaching.  Maybe next weekend…  I’m going to try to remember to take my camera with me to work at least once a week so I can document the changes in the leaves in the trees surrounding the “centerpiece” building on Local U.’s campus.  Despite all my griping about the impending winter, autumn really is pretty around here.

* I’m finished with this term’s literature class at TCC.  I’ve got two weeks off before the next term starts (I was offered an extended contract teaching the same course during the same time slot, coincidentally, to the same number of students).  I’ve offered to pay O’Mama to co-teach the class with me, and I think we’re going to rock it.  It’s totally an under-the-table arrangement between us (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) that should be easy to pull off because the class starts at ten past eight on Monday nights.  I’m looking forward to it because some of my favorite time with my friend is spent hashing over stories and movies, and I think that the kids will benefit from our modeling what it’s like to critically engage literature.  Here’s hoping that they demonstrate that benefit by turning in work that doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out.

*  I was bitten by a dog last week, you guys!  I was driving the scooter to Beanie’s school to pick her up from boot camp.  I drove into the loop out back and was parking the bike when a man walked by with Lassie on a leash.  He was interested in the scooter (I’m consistently amazed by how many people will stop to talk to me about them; I think that the folks we bought them from should pay me as a marketing person) and, as we were chatting, the little bitch lashed out in a fucking flash and tried to take a chunk out of my knee.  She didn’t break the skin, but it still hurt like hell and bruised up something ugly.  The owner was appropriately contrite, apologized up one side of me and down the other, then told me that the dog didn’t like motorcycles (well, Dude, if you knew that, you probably shoulda kept her a tiny bit closer to YOU!).  My knee is still a bit tender, and I’m nervous now that some dog who “doesn’t like motorcycles” is going to break off its chain or hop its fence and run me down.  My scooter doesn’t actually go fast enough for me to be able to outrun even a medium-sized dog…

* Someone, whose opinion about such things I am inclined to trust, has told me that the Twilight series is just as good as, if not better than, the Outlander series.  I’m having a terrible time believing that – I use the Outlander books as the yardstick by which all other brain-candy novels are measured – but I’m willing to try to keep an open mind about it.  I believe that Twilight may be my next DSBC pick… I hope Bo won’t mind.

* Finally, I am going to try to refrain from writing about politics here, at least for the next few weeks.  I believe it’s a topic worthy of discussion, certainly, but I think that the lack of inflection and facial expressions that one must suffer when reading blog posts is a severe hindrance to open and thoughtful communication, at least where politics are concerned.  I am loath to lump people into groups – especially my friends – and I fear that my frustrations with this cycle’s election whoop-dee-do comes across as frustration with every Republican.  I like Republicans; some of my best friends lean Republican.  I’m certainly not in this to piss everyone (anyone) off, so I’m just going to vote quietly and leave the fighting to people with thicker skins than I.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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