Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

Busy, Busy

Sorry, you guys.  Mrs. Chili is pretty much flat-out today, so I don’t have time to wax philosophic.  I spent the morning rushing around, teaching a yoga class and getting shopping done before bringing the girls to Monkeyface’s 11 birthday party.  My late afternoon and evening is being spent housekeeping and putting together the second third of the syllabus for my English classes at L.U.  I had hoped to do the Great Semi-Annual Chili Clothing Switch today, but that’s not looking likely.  Maybe tomorrow.

Since I don’t want to leave this space too lame, I’m going to offer you a little writing prompt.  In four or five sentence in the comments, consider one of the things that you do particularly well and/or effortlessly.  What do people come to you seeking?  What gifts do you bring to this party?  So often, we focus most intensely on what we struggle with or what we “can’t” do; I want you to admit to your glory here.  So give it to us; what is the quality of light that shines from your spirit?


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