Busy, Busy

Sorry, you guys.  Mrs. Chili is pretty much flat-out today, so I don’t have time to wax philosophic.  I spent the morning rushing around, teaching a yoga class and getting shopping done before bringing the girls to Monkeyface’s 11 birthday party.  My late afternoon and evening is being spent housekeeping and putting together the second third of the syllabus for my English classes at L.U.  I had hoped to do the Great Semi-Annual Chili Clothing Switch today, but that’s not looking likely.  Maybe tomorrow.

Since I don’t want to leave this space too lame, I’m going to offer you a little writing prompt.  In four or five sentence in the comments, consider one of the things that you do particularly well and/or effortlessly.  What do people come to you seeking?  What gifts do you bring to this party?  So often, we focus most intensely on what we struggle with or what we “can’t” do; I want you to admit to your glory here.  So give it to us; what is the quality of light that shines from your spirit?



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11 responses to “Busy, Busy

  1. My whole life I’ve been a comfortable, active listener. People respond to me. I read people quite well. That’s my strength.

  2. Kari

    My strenth is that I make everyone feel included and important. I am also extremely organized (at work – home is a completely different story, though). =)

  3. Bo

    I can put my entire closed fist in my mouth.

  4. I’m an idea and problem solving person. Solutions, ideas for new products/better procedures, and making the necessary connections to solve complex problems come easy to me.

  5. I can find common ground with almost anyone.
    I also have a freakishly good memory for people’s birthdays and for little bits of useless information.

  6. twoblueday

    I make really good chocolate milk for Babycakes.

    Oh, yeah, I’m a good calmer-downer, a “voice of reason,” when someone is upset about something and feelings seem as though they’ll spiral out of control, I am a steady hand.

  7. Hmmmm… I can do lots of things. But the things that make people come to me are my abilities to see what needs to be done and get them done. I have decided that with each passing day I wish I did not have these abilities because it means I do way (WAY) too many things. And I decide to not say “no” because they are often things that affect the lives of my children at church or school. I’m good at many things, and I always follow through. Should be a good thing, but…

  8. Some actually slam me for being so optimistic. I think some read my optimism for being naive. I have just found that it’s better to look for the positive than to dwell on the negative. It truly is what has gotten me through the rough patches in life.

  9. Allison, this is such an important gift to have. Would that more people learned how to really listen. I bet the world would be a nicer place.

    Kari, as someone who occasionally suffers from nearly debilitating bouts of self-doubt (gee, thanks mom and dad!), I can tell you for certain that the ability to make someone feel necessary and important means SO much to those of us who sometimes can’t muster those things up for themselves.

    Bo, I was with you for a whole weekend, and you NEVER mentioned this….

    Jules, problem-solving and observation are interconnected. I bet you notice a lot of stuff that most people don’t see, and that helps you work out problems that other people can’t seem to solve.

    You know what, Mrs. T? Remembering people’s birthdays is NOT useless information. It’s lovely to be remembered on one’s birthday. Don’t sell yourself short on this one.

    Gerry, we need more calming voices in the world (I originally wrote that as “clamming” voices, but we don’t really need those!). The someone who’s grounded while the rest of the tribe is all in a frenzy is the someone who’s going to prevent disaster, if you ask me.

    Louise, I hear you. Gifts are never one-sided (well, BO’S may be…)

    Ms. Teacher, I get that a lot, too. “How can you be so happy all the time?” and implications that I’m either stupid, blind, or that I’m kidding myself come my way quite often. The fact of the matter is, though, that I’m intrinsically lazy, and I’ve discovered that it takes a hell of a lot more energy to be angry or cranky all the time than it does to be nice. Love really is the stuff that greases the skids of the Universe.

  10. I like to think I’m pretty funny (Cookiemaker’s mentioned on more than one occassion that I should try stand-up comedy, but I think her view’s a little biased…).

    People ask me about football a lot.

    I’m full of useless information.

    Any of those count?

  11. During a crisis, I think clearly and act quickly. I have a mind for details and often think of things others don’t, especially during a crisis or special event. Things like remembering to stuff a linen hankerchief in my pocket so a man in a dark suit who may cry (say….at a funeral) doesn’t end up with kleenex lint all over his dark suit.

    Far too often we don’t think of the things we do well. Thanks for the prompt. It’s nice to remember those things now and then.

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