Ten Things Tuesday

Kizz did this not too long ago, and I thought it was a wonderful idea.  Here, then, are ten things from (the first page of) my Amazon wish list:

1.  Bad Boys, both I and II.  The car chase scene from BBII is one of my all time favorites.  Here; see for yourself:

Wasn’t that FUN?!

2.  Seasons 3 to 7 of The West Wing.  Santa, in the form of Bruder Chili, has been gifting me a season a year for the last two; I’m hoping he keeps up the trend.  I love, love, love this show, and I really never get tired of it.

Not for nothing, but I was cruising through youtube the other day, looking for a WW clip I could play for my students as we studied dialogue in writing.  I happened to stumble on this particular bit, which struck me as kind of creepy, given that I’m neck-deep in Stephen King’s The Stand right now for the DSBC.

I think Josh and Stephen are right: we’re not going to do ourselves in with nukes – we’re going to catch a flu…

3.  Language, Thought and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Whorf.  I’ve been interested in this guy ever since I caught a whiff of his philosophy (which, to my incredibly meagre understanding, is something along the lines that we need language to give form to our thoughts; that we can’t really think unless we have a language to frame thoughts in).  I’m still not entirely sure I believe that, but I’d love a chance to think about it.

4.  Anna and the King.  I’m not really sure how that made it on to my wish list.  I may have wanted it for classroom purposes, and I may have caught a portion of the film on TNT or something and thought I might like to have it.  It’s not very high on my priority list, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up if it ended up under my christmas tree.

5.  Relfections on the Human Condition by Eric Hoffer.  I’ve got three other books by this man on my list.  I think there’s a good reason for this – I must have read an excerpt or a quote or something that sparked my interest – but I can’t remember what it was.

6.  Phenomenon.  I know, I know – John Travolta (whom my husband calls “John Revolting”) has opened his mouth and proven himself to be pretty misogynistic, but I really loved this movie.  It’s sweet and tender, it plays with ideas that I like to entertain, and it’s got Aaron Neville singing a cover of Crazy Love.  How can that be bad?

7.  Seasons 3 and 4 of Grey’s Anatomy.  I didn’t LOVE last season, but I really do like this show and am looking forward to season 5.  I want to be Miranda Bailey

8.  War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust.  I’m going to be studying the Shoah forever.  I think I’m a better teacher, a better parent, and a better person for keeping the questions that this investigation brings up close to my intellect… and my heart.

9.  A Lifetime of Secrets and The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A Postsecret Book.  I LOVE the idea behind the Postsecret project, and I find that, every single week, at least ONE of the posted secrets resonates with me (like this one from last weekend, for example).

I’ve not sent in a secret (yet), but I’m glad that others do.  This feels very much like Sting’s “hundred million bottles washed up on the shore” to me.

10.  A Brief History of the Dead.  I picked this novel up in the bookstore about a year ago and was intrigued by it.  I have no idea if it’s any good, but I’m still intrigued enough to leave it on the list.

I have three pages of wish list items – I haven’t looked at them in a while and I suppose I ought to go through and delete the things I’ve bought for myself over the past year or so (I took Pedagogy of the Oppressed off the list, for example, because I got that at a book sale a few weeks ago).  Mr. Chili ought to have little trouble at christmas time this year.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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8 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Bo

    My senior thesis was a refutation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. It’s fascinating material.

  2. jrh

    I have a complete set of all of the WW seasons that Sorkin was involved with. Which is to say I don’t acknowledge that it ran past then. 🙂 I adore those years though. Do you have a favorite season?

  3. I am SO out of touch! What did Travolta do / say?

  4. Phenomenon is one of my favorite movies and soundtrack. And Brief History of the Dead is a stunning book. The premise-that we can stay alive when others remember us-has stuck with me.

  5. I don’t have a wish list… now I feel like I’m missing out on something great!

    I tried to post ten photos I took on a drive I took today but blogger is buggin’ and not letting me post photos. I put a link to my Picassa album of the photos, though.

  6. Lea

    I bought Bo a Postsecret book for Christmas last year. I was going to “flip through it” before I wrapped it. I ended up reading it cover to cover, which somehow seems wrong since I was giving it as a gift. I don’t feel too guilty since he had other gifts. I thought this year that maybe I should request a Postsecret book instead of giving one, though.

  7. I *LOVE* Anna and the King. Do you mean the Jodie Foster one, or the original? I’m partial to the Jodie Foster one myself…

  8. Quite a diverse list. I love Anna and the King. I think Prince Charming has the Shoah book (or it’s on his wish list.)

    And I totally agree about the nukes.

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