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So It Would Follow That….

Sarah Palin is making the rounds in New England.  This is a section of coverage, from a Boston t.v. station, of Palin’s remarks on a recent visit to New Hampshire:

She repeated her claim that Barack Obama would raise taxes and said there are two kinds of people in New Hampshire: the good people of New Hampshire and those who moved from Massachusetts to escape higher taxes.

So, if the GOOD people are from New Hampshire, then all those other people are BAD?  Seems pretty simple to me.

Doesn’t anyone think about this crap before they send people out to speak?  Aren’t there professionals on staff who are supposed to think this stuff all the way through to its logical conclusion?


Oh, there’s more.

O’Mama sent me this link.  Go.  Read.  Really.

It may not be true that this is what the parties are thinking when it’s putting these strategies together, but that really IS how it comes off.

Just this week, I worked with my students on analyzing advertisements.  I gave them two pairs of ads – this one from Volkswagen and this one from Cadillac; and this one from Geico and this one from Liberty Mutual.

While we had much more fun analyzing the car ads (Kate Walsh would be the kind of woman who’d entice me to switch teams), I was more interested in the messages that the insurance company ads were getting across.  Most of my kids LIKED the Geico ads; “They’re FUNNY, Mrs. Chili!  And they’re trying to say that it’s wicked easy to use Geico.”  Well, yes; that may be true, but I’m still insulted by these ads.  The message that I get (underneath the chuckle of the high-society cavemen ordering duck and mango salsa) is that even I’m not too stupid to use this service.

That’s the message I’m getting from a lot of the folksy characterizations that politicians are trying to use to label us.  While some of us may well be Joe Food-on-the-Table-and-Beer-in-the-Fridge Six-Pack, most of us aren’t.  Don’t refer to me as “my friend.”  Don’t assume that I’m incapable of critical thinking.  I’m not.


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