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Monday Meme (Edited)

Boosted, without apology but with plenty of gratitude, from Cajunvegan.

My favorite age: this one

My best friend(s): Mr. Chili, O’Mama, Bowyer (and Tonks is ranking right up there, too).

My celebrity crush: They change with my mood. Right now, I’m still pretty fond of Lawrence Fishburn (I’m still not over Othello from last semester, and I’m SO looking forward to his appearance on CSI) and for reasons I’m not going to go into here, Ron Perlman. I know, I know; sue me. Of course, there’s always Will Smith and Mike Lowell (and I’m too busy today to post links, so go search (maybe Kizz will do a hot people post for me?) *Edited to say THANKS, KIZZ!

My defining characteristic: My superior intellect and sarcastic attitude (this was CV’s answer, but it applies beautifully to me, too – and my friends would tell you so.

My most evil moment: Ummmmmm…

My favorite food: That changes with my mood, too. Right now, I’m still pretty fond of Nutella on Chips Ahoy. Hey! Could that be my most evil moment?

My grossest injury: Luckily, I don’t have one of these. Getting the cyst out of my forehead was gross, but it was only gross to me.

My biggest hatred: Willful ignorance and cruelty

My most illegal activity: Stealing office supplies for home use (also CV’s answer, and it also applies to me….shhhhhh!)

My need for justice: Equal rights for EVERYONE. Helloooo?!

My most knowledgeable field: Literary analysis

My life’s goal: To live up to Bo’s assessment that I am an “engine of joy.”

My mother’s influence: How to NOT be.

My nerdiest point: Getting geekily excited about books and/or literary conversations with O’Mama

My oldest memory: I remember bringing Auntie to school with me. I got her out of her crib, changed her (badly), dressed her (badly) stuffed her in a snowsuit and walked her to kindergarten with me. When we got there, I put her on the floor next to my desk, gave her a piece of paper and a hunk of blue crayon, and hoped to God I wouldn’t get in trouble (the maternal had a migraine and didn’t arrange for our care, and I couldn’t leave Auntie alone. I was five; she was a little over a year old).

My perfect date: Dinner, movie, bookstore and sex (but not IN the bookstore…)

My unanswered question: What the HELL are people THINKING!?

My random fact: I’ve never broken a bone (knock, knock!).

My stupidest decision: Not making the break from the biologicals before I did. I should have made it clean when I had the chance and spared myself (and Mr. Chili) years of heartache.

My favorite television show: Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice (I know, I know), Sons of Anarchy, CSI, House, and Pushing Daisies.

My style of underwear: Really?! I don’t think I’m going to say. A girl’s gotta have SOME secrets!

My favorite vegetable: green beans, lightly steamed.

My weakest trait: procrastination, a tendency to worry too much about things I have ZERO control over, and an intense desire to try to make EVERYONE happy as often as possible.

My X-men power: Empathy. Sometimes, I swear I can read minds.

My strongest yearning: That my family continues to be healthy, and to not have to worry about our financial situation in the coming few years.

My moment of Zen: Those few moments between when I put the book down and turn off the light and when I fall asleep. The still quiet, the sound of Mr. Chili’s breath next to me and the purring of whatever cat is at the end of the bed, and the knowledge that I am exactly where I had always hoped I’d be.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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