But She’s Not a Racist or Anything…

I heard this on NPR yesterday and nearly drove off the road (start paying close attention around 3:15).

Then, I saw this on Stucco’s site;

God, save us from your followers!



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23 responses to “But She’s Not a Racist or Anything…

  1. It’s not McCain that makes me almost ashamed sometimes to be voting for him. It’s not even Palin. It’s these types of people.

    Though I’m sure Obama has some real pieces of Samsonite voting for him, too.

  2. I can’t….people like this…it’s just…Mrs. Chili, really, is there anything left to say about people like this? People who spout these type of ignorant views, well, I just throw up my hands at them. They want to vote according to their religious beliefs? Well, lady, according to the Bible, you are to be submissive to your husband and vote how he wants you to. According to the Bible Palin shouldn’t even be on the ticket because she would be put in a position of leadership over men. According to their Bible, wouldn’t Jesus be a socialist? I mean, he distributed loaves and fishes to EVERYONE, he healed EVERYONE, he was for compassion and understanding for EVERYONE. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, when people in 2008 say Socialist, what they really mean is “He’s Black”.

    I could go on and on about the contradictions between their Bible and their daily lives but I think their hypocrisy is so blatant (except to them) that I’d just be preaching to the choir (oh no! I’m not allowed to preach!!!).

  3. Tom

    Dingo said it quite well so I’ll just add a tidbit.

    She wants respect for her religious beliefs but she has none for the religious beliefs of others.

    “His dad was a Muslim”

    Hey lady, in the United States the Muslim houses of religion are tax free just like the Christian houses of religion!

    Hey lady, do you know there is a Muslim in congress? Also when he was sworn in he placed his hand on a Quran, NOT a Bible.

    I’m so tired of these religious nuts who wish to force feed the rest of us.

  4. What gets me is the statement that the election isn’t about policy for this woman. For her, its about the religious views of the candidates. The election should be ALL about policies!

  5. Bo

    “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, when people in 2008 say Socialist, what they really mean is ‘He’s Black’.”

    This assertion is at least as ignorant and closed-minded as anything this woman has to say.

  6. Really, Bo? When people like this woman, and oh, almost any other interview or video you see where people are proclaiming that they don’t want to vote for him because he’s a socialist (when they don’t even know what that word really means) and can state no other reason, well, if you don’t see the underpinning of racism there, then you need to look at your civil rights history and labels applied to African Americans who had the audacity to fight for equality. Same rhetoric, same sentiment.

  7. Scary. That chick is scary.

  8. Gerry rosser

    ah, the age of reason has arrived

  9. Bo

    Yes, really, Dingo.

    The involuntary redistribution of wealth is one of the defining aspects of socialism. When Obama’s proposed tax policies seek to make even more absurd an already incredibly unbalanced system in which the bottom half of taxpayers are already paying nothing, then yeah, I call that socialist, no matter what color, sex, or whatever the candidate is.

    I suspect that should McCain win, we’ll endure months of national flagellation and hand-wringing at just how rotten we all still are. Indeed, the evilly insidious and insidiously evil “underpinning of racism” shall be there, wherever you care to look for it.

    And God help us. If you helped put McCain in office–if you weren’t sufficiently audaciously hopeful and hopefully audacious–then you might as well don a white hood.

    I am voting against a down-the-line hard left candidate. I am voting against a candidate whom I believe will further damage the most reliable engines we have for economic recovery: individuals pursuing their self-interest. I am voting against a candidate whom I believe to be dangerously naive and unserious on foreign policy.

    To you, I am only voting against a black man.

    If you really believe what you’re saying, then the race problem is yours, not mine.

  10. Okay – let’s do some analysis here. I’m sort of “running home to mama” and asking the same kinds of questions here that I’d ask my students to do with a book, and I’m referring back to the text of her responses as I do this analytical work, just like I’d ask my students to do. Ready?

    Let’s start by defining racism. According to my favorite online dictionary, racism is a noun that means “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.” Let’s further this definition that agreeing that racism is not, at its heart, just a black/white thing (especially in a post-9/11 world). Good? Okay; let’s proceed.

    “I can’t imagine a president of the United States being named President Obama (and not for nothing, but that emphasis is hers).

    Regardless of what she says in her answer to the question in terms of her faith (and her speculations about his), this, to me, sounds more than a little racist.

    Barak Obama has an unusual name. He has a name that, even if we’d never laid eyes on the man, would indicate to us that he’s probably NOT a white man. Would this woman have made anything of his name if he’d been called “Aaron Davis” or “Stephen Ash” or any name that leaves the ethnicity of the named in question? I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to think that she’d have just as much issue with a “President Ortega” or a “President Al-Hassani.” For that matter, why is she not all up about McCain’s name – doesn’t his name indicate that, at least SOMEWHERE in his past, he’s got an immigrant Catholic in the family? Aren’t they statue-loving Papists?

    We use names to identify people – to classify and organize and judge them. Think back to elementary school – how many of us were teased because of our names (I know *I* was). It was even worse, I’m sure, if you were in a minority population with a name that identified you as such (were any of you one of the only black or Jewish or Latino kids in your class?). Name calling – and even using someone’s own name against them – is a technique used by bullies, and what this woman is doing amounts to little more than pre-adolescent, power-grabbing behavior. There’s absolutely zero substance behind it; she cannot intelligently support her discomfort with Obama on the basis of his name alone.

    She goes on to say that “[h]is mother that was an atheist. Ugh. That really gets to me. A father that was a Muslim. That should get to everyone” (again, her emphasis).

    What is she really saying, here? She’s not addressed Obama’s beliefs – she’s speaking about the beliefs of his family (and I’ve not done any research – because, honestly? It doesn’t matter a whit to me WHAT, if ANY, faith his parents practiced – so I am not familiar with whether or not her characterizations are accurate). My question is “why does this matter” and, further, “how is the fact that Obama’s father was Muslim (a claim I’m not disputing, by the way; I believe Obama mentioned this in one of his speeches) have ANY bearing on the conversation?”

    Can we all agree, please, that Muslim does not equal terrorist. It does not equal the opposite of “good family man” as McCain implied not too long ago when, after being asked if Obama was an Arab (and, by extension, a Muslim), he replied:

    “No, ma’am. He’s a decent, family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with.

    She is making a grievously erroneous generalization about a group of people to whom Barak Obama doesn’t even belong. Again, her claims are not substantiated by facts, or by logic. She’s basing all of her argument on ignorance, fear, and prejudice.

    Finally, she concedes that Obama may SAY he’s a Christian, but she discounts that because it’s not “the Christianity that’s in the Bible.” She fails to recognize, as Dingo pointed out, that the Christianity that’s in the Bible doesn’t even recognize her as an equal member of society. Neither does she address McCain’s “brand” of Christianity (those quotes are mine, by the way – I didn’t hear her say that in the interview). I suspect that he would fail to meet a number of her benchmarks, as well; though I cannot substantiate that claim from the text of her interview, I don’t think that it’s an unreasonable assumption to draw given the tenor of her comments.

    I understand that religious values are very, very important to some people. I respect that (though I can’t claim to understand it). You are perfectly free to order your priorities in the ways that best represent who you are and what you think are the most important qualifications for a leader. I don’t even begrudge you your right to vote in that way, though I think that people who vote with religion foremost in their minds are kind of missing the point of a secular democracy. What I do not hold truck with, however, is the single-minded and bigoted way that people like this woman (and, not for nothing, but the woman in the NPR interview, too) put forth their beliefs. The upshot is that this woman is not dealing in facts. She’s not leaving anything open for discussion or intellectual inquiry, and she is, as evidenced by her own words, deeply racist.

  11. Bo

    Mrs. Chili: It’s one hell of a ridiculous jump from this woman, and what you’ve written in this comment, to ““Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, when people in 2008 say Socialist, what they really mean is ‘He’s Black’.”

    I have serious problems with that assertion. Considering that you know me to be neither racist nor careless with my political positions, I’d like you to have serious problems with that assertion as well.

    Someone who says and believes that is no more desirous of legitimate discourse than the woman in this video clip. Respect for intellectual diversity can be indicated in many ways, but screaming “racist!” out of the gate isn’t one of them.

  12. The woman in that video is most certainly a narrow-minded, intolerant bigot.

    Bo and Mrs. Chili are two of the people I know personally in this world (my father would have been the 3rd) who are as far from bigoted and intolerant as you can get.

    Thinking that policies are socialist or have a tendency toward socialism, does not make one racist. I think that Bush and Paulson have executed the closest action to socialist policy I have ever seen when the federal government bought ownership equity in private banks a few weeks ago. Neither one of them are democrats; neither of them are black.

  13. Bo I didn’t get your comment before I posted mine, and I agree that I was remiss in not pointing out that someone’s assessment of Obama’s tax proposals as “socialist” doesn’t equate to their being racist; you’re absolutely right. I do, however, stand behind my assertion that the women in the interviews I posted ARE racist, regardless of how they couch that racism.

    I’m choosing to set aside the POLITICAL name-calling for the moment, simply because I’m not sure that some people aren’t using that in the same way that others are using his “funny name.” Labeling someone with a hot-button word – “unpatriotic” or “socialist” or “communist” doesn’t further the conversation. I’m not crazy about the epithets being hurled over EITHER fence, frankly – I’m not proud of the lefty-humanists doing it to McCain, either – and I’d like to not perpetrate it here.

  14. Again, take a look at what socialism really is. And, as I suggested in my earlier comment, review your civil rights history and look how claims of socialism have been used to label African-Americans. Look at how the McCain-Palin ticket has appropriated the rhetoric and implicitly allowed their supporters to adhere to their conscious and unconscious racists beliefs without having to confront them.

    I could cite stats and figures, examples and anecdotes but being that you are not careless with your political positions, but I don’t have the time and I assume in your research you have seen them as well.

    We are going to have to agree to vehemently disagree on this.

  15. Bo

    ‘seester: Thanks; most pleased to be in such company. Backatcha, naturally.

    Mrs. Chili: Thank you, and I do agree with you. We have two bigots here, unambiguously.

    There are some meaningful distinctions with the words you list. “Unpatriotic” is pretty much just a snarl word with mostly subjective meanings, but “socialism” and “communism” mean things. I believe I have a fair grasp of each and know what they mean, but I must confess I’m operating at a disadvantage, because I’m not privy to Dingo’s super-secret racism-belying meanings.

    Dingo: You are now babbling a lot of nonsense in a feeble attempt to deflect attention from the fact that you called me a racist for no reason whatsoever, and then didn’t much care for it when I called you on it.

    I will say, again, that what you are doing is exactly what the woman in this video is doing. It is the same. You have your warped coziness in which anyone using the word “socialist” in opposing Obama is a racist, and said coziness is of similar intellectual depth to this woman not liking his name or his parents’ religions. (Hold your thumb and index finger a quarter of an inch apart; ’bout that deep.)

    Label it vehement disagreement if it helps you get to sleep.

  16. twoblueday

    I don’t think the “socialist” assertions are racist, I just think they are crap. It’s just using a label instead of recognizing that federal social welfare programs have been here a long time, aren’t going away, and the tax system has always been graduated.

    Let’s take that great citizen, the CEO of Lehman Brothers who took out a cool half-billion while he was driving the company into utter failure. If the income tax system soaked him for 75% of that, he’s still have $125million free and clear. Boo Fucking Hoo.

  17. Now look who’s babbling nonsense. Bo, whatever. Call it what you will. Say what you will. I’m getting ready to go take a nap. I guess vehement disagreement agrees with me.

  18. Bo, I DO see what Dingo is getting at. One of the accusations leveled against Dr. King was that he was a communist, and cries of such were used as a means of deflecting a deeper, less socially acceptable racism. It was far more politically correct, even in the 60’s, to oppose Dr. King because he was considered a communist than because he was black. Being black, after all, couldn’t be sold as a risk to national security.

    I don’t think that Dingo has made a very great leap, though I do think that we risk falling into the same trap that we’re accusing the women in the interviews of being mired in.

    The words DO mean something, but I think that we can agree that the DENOTATION and the CONNOTATION of words such as communist and socialist are very different things. When people hear the word “socialist,” they aren’t hearing “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.” They’re hearing something insidious and unpatriotic. They’re hearing something dangerous and sinister. They’re mongering in fear.

  19. Oooof! I go from not wanting to do more political blogging to blogging about politics AND religion in one go! What the HELL was I THINKING?!

  20. Robert Haroldson

    I’m sure we can find equally ignorant people who are voting for Obama simply because he’s black with no thought about his positions.

    I stand with Bo that the word socialism has a real meaning and it isn’t a racist code word among conservatives.

    I’m glad this woman isn’t calling the shots in this country but she does have a right to vote according to her own interests, no matter how ignorant we may feel they are.

    Just like this woman I’m supporting McCain / Palin but for none of the same reasons.

  21. …tip toeing into discussion…

    I do believe that some people who are against Obama do use euphemisms (like socialist) instead of admitting they just don’t want a black president. I think it’s clear that the people (unfortunately both women) in Chili’s post have more reservations about him than they’re really admitting.

    However, to paint all people with the same brush (assuming all people who call Obama a socialist are being racist) is just as prejudice.

    Now, I do not understand the whole socialist issue anyway. Does anyone really think the president is going to change our capitalist society into a socialist society? Or even move us in any significant way in that direction? In a previous political discussion my reasons for not voting for McCain were dismissed because someone stated that the president doesn’t have any power to change things like that – it’s the congress that really decides things. Even if the candidates say they will lower taxes or raise taxes, that all gets convoluted and changed by the time congress and lobbyists and dirty dealings get involved. I don’t know, I just don’t get that argument at all. Perhaps that’s why some people think it might be code for something else.

    The thing that gets me about discussions about racism (I’m talking in general, not about the comments here necessarily) is that people are in denial. The fact of the matter is we are all racist. We were born into and raised in a racist society and a society that still values men above women and values beautiful people above the average joe, straight above gay, thin above fat, etc. The best we can do is be aware of these facts and combat them as best we can. So when I hear someone say they aren’t racist, I’m more afraid of them than someone who is blatantly racist and owns that about themselves. At least they are self-aware and honest about their feelings (however misguided and ugly they may be). I think we have moved backwards with the whole race thing (and every other prejudice) because we’ve stifled our true thoughts about it. We’re so afraid of being labeled as something ugly that we just keep our mouths shut and live in denial.

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