Worth the Price of Admission

O’Mama and I are attending an English teacher conference this weekend.  Yesterday was the first day.  Because we arrived a bit too late to make the first session of workshops (my fault; I missed the exit), we spent a little time browsing in the main hall.  There were tables set up all around a function room where colleges set up informational stations, the National Guard had a set-up advertising their in-school programs, and several publishers had books on display.

O’Mama and I wandered over to one of the book tables (because, you know, the gravitational pull and all…).  Come to find out, they were GIVING the books away!  All they asked was that, if we decided we liked them, we’d do our best to convince the Powers that Be to let us use them in the curriculum.  Sweet Mother of Emily Dickenson – ALL THE FREE BOOKS WE COULD CARRY!

Seriously, y’all; I came away with books that, retail, were worth at least – if not more – than I paid for the conference.  We had to make two trips to the car to stash all the swag.  We were in geeky, giddy, Book Whore Heaven!

We’re going back this morning; there are a couple of workshops that really interest us.  I wonder if they’ll be giving away DIFFERENT books today?

(Oh, and Mr. Chili took this:

and told me to post it with the caption “Where One Can Almost ALWAYS Find Mrs. Chili.”  To be fair, I wasn’t blogging; you’ll notice that pile of books next to me (don’t pay attention to the rest of the mess, just focus on the books)?  I was inputting them into the library software that Mr. Chili bought for me so that I could get the pile OFF the counter and INTO the bookshelves.  Still, he’s not wrong; I do need a blogging intervention.)

Happy Saturday!



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7 responses to “Worth the Price of Admission

  1. I love free books! I hope the rest of the workshops go splendidly today.

  2. Holy Moly!!!!! That’s an awesome pile of books! Did they give you a book bag or something to carry them in? I hope the workshops are as satisfying today.

    Yehaw! Free books!!!

  3. PS – there is something about your hair in that photo that is absolutely seductive. Great shot.

  4. Free books and Doritos – that makes for a great weekend!

  5. another sue

    Library software? Do tell. I use LibraryThing.com where I can enter all my books for a $25 lifetime fee. I have nearly 5,000 books catalogued, and just a few more boxes to go.

  6. Organic Mama

    First of all – YOU didn’t miss the exit, *I* wasn’t paying attention to the directions and as my job as navigator, blew it. Second of all, we totally scored and I am STILL drooling over our haul. Free books? Uh, okaaaaaaaaaaaay. hee hee

    “Gravitational pull” indeed.

  7. Robert Haroldson

    I have all my books organized according to the call number used by the Library of Congress. They seem to have all my books, even the ones I thought were obscure.

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