How Pathetic am I?

The part where Neil Patrick Harris said “I’m voting because I fell in love, and I want it to matter” actually made me well up. (Of course, I also busted a gut at “this doesn’t make any fucking sense,” “across… below… this,” and “is there time for me to make a small shit, please?”)




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12 responses to “How Pathetic am I?

  1. jrh

    Doogie Barney Harris was beautiful.

    “There’s more Baldwin brothers than that” cracked ME up.

  2. The Baldwin Brothers crack got to me, too. Oh, and this one:

    “I can do anything; I was in a boy band, okay?”

    I love it.

  3. Bo

    Yeah, the Baldwin brothers line was the biggest laugh for me as well.

    Staying home can be just as considered and principled a statement. That’s exactly what I was doing until less than two months ago.

  4. Yep – the boy band comment was a coffee on the keyboard moment.

  5. Organic Mama

    Loved it – thank you for posting this.

    Interesting flavor Borat brought to the conversation, no? And Orlando, who cannot vote in this election, was distinct with his accent. What did it for me – aside from the funny – were the “average” people and their compelling reasons.

    Jrh was so right – Doogie Barney Harris was beautiful.

  6. twoblueday

    I recognized some of those people.

    There is nothing which will keep me from voting, this side of the grave.

  7. Robert Haroldson

    These Obama-bots don’t have to worry…I will go to the polls.

  8. Tom

    Not pathetic at all Mrs. Chili. Made me well up also.

  9. morgan

    I like seeing the encouragement to vote, without bringing either side into it. Individuals can become a forceful group when everyone decides to speak up and I am so proud that I’m allowed to give my opinion in this country.

  10. I’ve heard stories about Will Smith’s dad before and I continue to love him with every new one. “If you don’t vote you have to shut up.” Amen. And clearly it was the right motivational tool for his hyperactive son.

  11. Leo tells me to vote, I vote. Leo tells me to do anything…I wish…I do it.

    I voted in our school’s mock election today. Even had real booths. Made my rough draft research paper on the candidates due on Tuesday.

    All over it…go my guy!

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