F-F-and F-Friday

Fucking Floral and Foliage Friday; The “Tour Through Google Images” Edition. No “Frosty” or “Frigid” today; I’m trying to have a positive attitude…

These were the pictures that caught my attention when I typed “flowers” into Google:

Here are a couple of foliage pictures taken around the Local U. campus. Sorry about the quality; Mr. Chili had the camera in New Mexico so I had to take the pictures with my iPhone:

My funny little Christmas cactus is always confused; she thinks she’s a Thanksgiving cactus. She’ll be in glorious bloom in about two weeks:

Here’s a picture of my “window jungle.”  I’ve got a bunch of plants that are really happy right now, and I love every one of them.  Check out the spotted-leaf begonia!  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!  No flowers – at least, she’s never given me any yet (does anyone know if they DO flower?) but who cares; the leaves are spectacular, and she’s really, really easygoing.

I teach an English class from 8-9 (they’re going to workshop their research paper drafts and get a quick lesson on embedding quotes into their work) and a yoga class from 10-11, then I’m going to hurry home for lunch – and the rest of the day – with my husband! Beyond that, I’ve got nothing planned; after the week I’ve had, it feels GREAT to be able to say that.

Happy Friday, Everyone!



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8 responses to “F-F-and F-Friday

  1. Tom

    I’m so jealous your Christmas cactus is blooming.

  2. twoblueday

    I have a little Christmas cactus, but it isn’t blooming right now.

    Those little trees are really red!

    Glad mrchili is going to be home.

  3. Organic Mama

    I can’t wait to see the flower your cactus produces – bet it’ll be gorgeous. Enjoy your day, and time, with Mr. Chili!

  4. Lovely window jungle! My dad was a teacher and had the best sunlight in his classroom windows. So he used to have a lot of plants in the windowsill. Your photos remind me of that.

  5. You have my share of green thumb, for sure. (I have no gift for keep plants alive and thriving.)

    Great pictures…

  6. Our Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus is going to bloom in a few weeks too. Always seems to this time of year. Beautiful outdoor shots!

  7. I have the black thumb of death and doom… but I sure appreciate your green thumb!

    Welcome home, Mr. C!!


  8. I have a mixed up “Christmas” cactus too! It’s blooming right now!

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