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Being a Grown-up

Sometimes, it’s HARD!

I’ve been presented with several challenges to my poise and maturity over the past few days, and I’ve got to tell you that I’m feeling a bit worn down by it all.  I’ve had a couple of people deliberately poke me about things they know are buttons for me, I’ve had a few students blatantly, almost proudly, display their apathy and general dumbassery, and I’ve had children who’ve dropped their proverbial balls when it comes to responsibilities they know they have to uphold.  All that, combined with my increase in responsibility due to Mr. Chili’s being gone (and my attendant lack of good sleep when he’s away) is proving to be a bit of a suck for me lately.

So far, I’ve managed to not lose my shit with anyone, but I’ve got to tell you that it’s taken no small amount of restraint on my part.

I’ve respectfully ignored the couple of people who are trying to lure me into arguments.  This part has been easy, actually.  I mean, really; do they think I can’t see that they’re baiting me?  One of them actually had the sing-songy undertone of “nya, nya, nya” to it, and I’m sorry that this person has not really managed to mature beyond the third grade.  How sad for them that this is the best they can do.  The wisdom that my third grade teacher imparted really does apply here, though; ignore them long enough, and they’ll get bored and move on to someone who will react to their taunting.  So, here’s me, ignoring them.


What.  Ever.  Talk to the hand.  No, you know what?  Better yet, go away.

My students, though, really are making me crazy.  My TCC kids are dropping like flies – I’ve got one student in particular who, I’m pretty sure, hasn’t read a single thing I’ve assigned since the class began – up to and including watching a movie, for crying out loud.  I’ve also got a couple of kids in my Local U. classes who just don’t give a shit, and I’m working on covering MY ass so that there will be no question that I did everything that I could and provided them with every possible opportunity to succeed.  I’m sending emails and cc-ing them to my boss.  I’m posting stuff on their class website.  I’m making myself available for conferences (which the students only seem interested in during the last few days before a paper is due, which is another thing that’s pissing me off and stressing me out).  I’m putting on full safeties, is what I’m sayin’ here; I don’t want these fish coming back at me.


My children, though –  now THAT’S another story.  Really, all things considered, they’re doing very, very well.  Daddy’s being gone throws our routines a bit; the girls have to be carted around a bit more than even I’m comfortable with, but there’s really no other alternative.  The mornings have, for the most part, been great; we’re all getting up in good time and getting along remarkably well for the hour.  No, my complaint comes from the fact that the little ladies still can’t manage to do the five or six things that are required of them after they return from school and before they go to bed.  They’ve been doing these things EVERY DAY for the past FIVE or so YEARS.  WHY can they not remember to empty their lunchboxes?  WHY do they need to be constantly reminded to set out clothes for the next day, or to brush their own teeth?  Why, oh WHY?!  They don’t need a mother; they need a Day-Timer.


I’m trying yet another tactic; I’ve put their to-do lists on white boards.  Check everything off every day, please, and we’ll all be much, much happier.

I’ve managed to pretty much clear our weekend schedule.  We’re going to Bowyer and Tonks’ for dinner on Saturday, and I can’t wait (I get to see Tonks every Monday at L.U., but I’ve not seen Bowyer since his birthday last month and I miss him like crazy), but that’s all I’ve got on the calendar.  I plan to spend the weekend just being with the babies.  We’ll bake some bread and maybe (just MAYBE) go roller-skating again (Oh!  I forgot to post pictures of that adventure from last week!  Here:

Beanie, figuring it out:


Punkin’ Pie and Daddy:


I’m hoping to use the weekend to rest and recharge, so that I don’t feel like I’m on my last ragged nerve.  All.  The.  Time.  Really, the level of dumbassery in my life hasn’t actually increased in the last few days, but my capacity to cope with it has been severely and negatively compromised.  A little recuperation of the soul is in order.


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