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Would That Love and Good Wishes Were Enough

My dear friends Gerry and Honey are having a terrible time of things right now.  Their son-in-law is very likely dying, and Gerry and Honey are doing the best they can to hold up Daughter and little Babycakes, all the while trying to manage their own fears and grief.

There is nothing that’s good about any of this, except perhaps that it gives us an opportunity to reach out to one another in love and support.


I blog for several reasons, but my primary motivation for keeping an online forum is the community that I’ve built as a result of it.  I have met and befriended a lot of really wonderful, generous, loving people through this site, and I am honored and humbled that so many of you feel the same way about me.

Well, I’m calling in some of that love and asking that it be directed toward Gerry and Honey.  I can’t be there in body to help hold them up, but I can – and do – send every spare bit of my energy their way.

Please, go on over to Gerry’s blog and leave a little bit of your good energy for them.  It doesn’t feel like much to us – I really do wish there were something I could actually, you know, DO – but it’s better than nothing.  Right?

Oh, and just to make things even better (note, please, that this is said with bitter and ironic sarcasm)?  Today is Gerry’s birthday.  It’s not going to be a happy one, I suspect, but *I* will be celebrating my friend’s latest trip around the sun.


Be as well as you can be, Gerry and Honey, and know that Chez Chili is glowing so hard with love for you and yours that you could probably see our house from space.


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