Daily Archives: November 14, 2008


The Thanksgiving Cactus shows off:


Mrs. Chili has a busy day today.  I just finished teaching my morning writing class, and I’m home to post this, change, and head out to teach my Friday morning yoga class.  Afterward, I’m coming back home for lunch and student essays – I’ve got about 20 more to get through between now and Monday.  As soon as the girls come home from school, we’re headed out to visit with grandparents, then we’ll go into Little Coastal City for pizza with the O’Mama clan.  From there, we’ll come back home and fall into bed.

Our weekend plans are pretty laid back.  There may or may not be a GLBTQ support rally happening in Coastal City tomorrow – if I find out that it is going to go off, the girls and I will be in proud ally attendance.  I’m hoping to visit with Xena tomorrow – maybe she’ll come with us to the demonstration – but that’s all I’ve got on deck for the whole weekend.  I’m going to see what the Bowyer clan’s got planned for Sunday – maybe they can come by for lunch or something.

Oh, I stopped on the way home from Local U. to get some gas. I never thought I’d see this again:


Finally, Mr. Chili clearly isn’t missing us AT ALL.  He set his alarm for 4:45 a.m. (his time) today so he could call to wish us a good morning.  Sigh.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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