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Here’s a photo from the excursion around Quaint Coastal City Punkin’ and I took with Gerry and Honey.  It’s not exactly a flower, but I love the fact that this little guy is growing in a most unlikely place.  There’s a lesson here.


I have many fond memories stored up from that morning’s adventures.

Today’s going to be a fairly easy one.  My morning students and I will be working on drafts of our papers (I’m giving them this piece, that I wrote back in May, as an example of a pretty good start; I’m still not completely happy with it and I’m hoping to get some feedback to make it stronger).

After that, I’ll head to the health club to teach my Friday morning yoga class.  I’m still not sure how much longer I’ll even have that class; the number of people who’ve been in attendance for the last few months has been well under the limit required to keep a class on the schedule.  It’s on for today, anyway, so off I’ll go.

Once I clock out there, I’ll head to Quaint Coastal City for a salad and some shopping with O’Mama.  A couple of new stores opened up in our area not too long ago, and we’re going to check them out before the insanity of post-Thanksgiving shopping hits.  I think that most of my gift-giving this year will be of the homemade variety – breads and cookies and candies and such – and one of the stores is typically a great place to buy inexpensive jars and containers and such, so that’s what I’ll be looking for.

Mr. Chili is going to work a half day today (he’s still a little jet-lagged) and will be home after two, and so will I.  Once the girls arrive home from school, we’ll likely make a trek to visit grandparents, then we’ll come home to watch Wall-E on DVD, then we’ll head for an early bedtime.

Exciting, non?

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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