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Hot, Hot, Hot

One of my oldest and dearest friends, the incomprable Ms. Kizz, has a particular talent.  Well, she’s got a LOT of particular talents, but I’m speaking today about only one; Kizz knows all about the Hot People.


A while ago – I’m not even sure how long ago, really, because it feels like it’s ALWAYS been a feature of her blog – Kizz instituted a periodic theme of posting flattering pictures of attractive people.  Hot People Posts.


Most of these people are of the celebrity sort, but her talents are not limited to those of fortune and fame.  Kizz scours the internet – and her personal photo files – to find really intriguing pictures of the human face (and, occasionally, the human body) and assembles them in such a way that, once one gets to the bottom of the post, one is likely to find oneself a little lightheaded; if, of course, one is into that sort of thing.  I know (and respect) that not all of us are.  (Oh, and Ms. Chookaloonks also posts gorgeous portraits, but I’ll feature her talents another time).


Many’s the time that Kizz has satisfied a need in me to see some prettiness on the internet.  She’s up for a challenge, too – she’s not just about the “easy” people; she’ll happily hunt down images of sports figures, television personalities, talk show hosts, and writers.  She’s done film-themed posts for me (the most recent movie I requested was Othello, and she came up with a Shakespeare ensemble that was, as always, deeply satisfying).


She takes requests; I have gotten into the habit of requesting a girl-themed Hot People for my sister’s birthday.


She’s found some of the most swoon-worthy pictures of Mike Lowell that I’ve yet to encounter (and that’s no small feat in that good Mike photos are hard to come by AND I don’t swoon easily).


She’ll (happily) put up posts of bad boys (mmmm – I love the bad boys) and bad girls (sometimes, I love the bad girls, too) and everything in between.



Shallow?  Perhaps.  I’m deep in the throes of teaching 11-year-old Punkin’ Pie that it’s not the clothes one wears or the color of one’s eyes that matter, but what’s inside that counts, and I truly, deeply, and completely believe that.  “Beautiful” is entirely subjective and, quite frankly, fleeting.  I find that people who hurt or anger me don’t look so good as they did before the injury, and I suspect that’s true for most of us.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the view every once in a while, though, and in appreciating a thing of beauty.

Got an itch?  Kizz’ll scratch it for ya.

(all images are favorites of mine from Kizz’s posts)


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