A Seething Caldron

I was driving home from my chiropractor’s appointment this morning, trying to decide what to post about today.

~ I thought I could do a “Nearly Wordless Wednesday,” but I don’t want this space to get bogged down with themes and memes; I do not want to end up with the same features every week.  BOR-RING!

~ I thought about perhaps composing a short story for publication here, but all of my short story ideas are still in their most rudimentary stages. (I’m working on a story about a woman whose husband tells her she’s “too nice to people” and how she simultaneously resents his saying that and believes he’s right.  I’m also kicking around the idea of what happens when two people who haven’t even thought of each other in 20 years reconnect on Facebook.  Neither of these things is ready for any kind of life outside my head yet.)

~ Mr. Chili informed me this morning that the people who predict such things are saying that there’s going to be a perfect convergence of weather around Monday that has the potential to bring “a significant snow event” to New England.


Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Lo 29°F

The folks I go to for my weather information are only predicting as far as Saturday night, but you can bet your bootie that I’ll be watching the forecasts from here on out.  Parking at Local U. sucks to begin with; adding snow to the mix can only bring more parking hell.  I was really, really hoping to escape the semester without having to deal with snow, but from the sounds of it, I might not get my wish.

~ I thought about throwing up a treatise about how I feel about the nature of discourse, and about why I sometimes come off in ways that surprise people who think they know me.

~ I thought about bitching about how my left arm is sore in ways that I can’t adequately describe to my chiropractor, and about how very hopeful I am that the adjustment I got this morning will help.

~ I thought about writing a review of The Brief History of the Dead, which I read in less than two days and heartily enjoyed.

~ NPR is doing the National Day of Listening Project, and I thought about maybe doing an interview with one of my readers who I don’t know in real life.

I’m a seething cauldron of ideas, is what I’m sayin’ here, People, but none of them feels quite right for today.


So, what would you like to see here?  Do any of the above interest you?  Anything else you might want to read?



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14 responses to “A Seething Caldron

  1. spoilt for choice arent we? I’ll just wait for a photo of the Chili snwoman with a pepper for a nose…oops snowman
    now see that typo error, do you think it is my feminist side doing something freudian?
    and while it’s question time, having recently done a chili post, why did you decide to call yourself after my favourite food?

  2. Actually, Rosie, the snow things that get built in the Chili front yard are often of the four-legged variety; there was, in recent winters, a snow kitty and a snow bear. My children are bored with the “three snowball snow man” paradigm; they go for the creative stuff, and I dig that about them.

    As to my name, I didn’t give it to myself. I was christened “Chili” by Kizz, who was trying, years ago, to think up a suitable pseudonym for me so she could write about me on HER blog. She started with my real name, and came up with the synonym “Chilly.” She wasn’t pleased with it because “chilly” doesn’t suit me; I’m generally a very warm and friendly person, She went with the homonym “Chili” which is FAR more like my personality. I can be spicy and bold (like the pepper), but also warm and comforting (like the comfort food). I loved the name and have carried it with pride ever since.

  3. Huh, that’s a sweet and touching story about my emotional connection to naming. It’s way better than the one where I was walking the dog and like Chilly and thought it was too close to the real name and people would guess it so I tried Chili and proceeded to make sure I could name all the members of your family with a version of it. Your version is probably better for mixed company.

  4. de

    I like all of the options except discussions of the weather.

  5. Laurie B

    What about “The Brief History of the Dead” appealed to you? Based on your thoughts, I’ll order it at the library.

    We’re traveling to the Finger Lakes on Friday, lake effect snow and a snowstorm at home? yuck.

  6. When it’s ready for public consumption, I would love to read your fiction!

  7. anonymous

    Oops, I left my comment on the wrong post. I want you to write about your awesome sister!

  8. Ummmmm, all of the above! I love the idea of the National Listening Project, and wish I had known about it sooner…next year! I like the idea about the folks meeting on myspace or whatever–that sounds like it could get interesting.

  9. Laurie B

    National Listening Day, I should have picked up sooner. Yeah, that one. Just not me, please.

  10. I think all of them sound good.

  11. Love all the ideas! It would be fun to read any of them. I am especially fond of the blogger interview.

  12. Laurie B

    Listening is special. I have worked with several oral history projects, most of them involving labor union history.

    I’d love to be involved with a family history project. Oh what wonders, perceptions, and secrets are there to be shattered or shared.

    It’d probably be best to take on these matters with a different family than my own. Just sayin’.

    We know each other too well. But then, when I get a chance to talk with elder matriarch cousin, we might take it on as a family project. That would be fun. We don’t exchange gifts anymore but to share family stories and document them for the younger kids, that would be wonderful. “My memories of your great great grandma, and woo!..your grandma!” All of this is family of choice. That’s why we are family of choice.

    For me, it’s not about writing what I hear, it’s more about listening to what I hear. The story teller has a place and a physical presence, and they have a story to tell. I’ve got the heart and shoulders to hear a lot.

    Individuals, and their stories, just enthrall me. Where were you, how did you, what did you, who else, what was it like, what happened, how did you feel, how did it play out, what changed for you, where are you know with it all?..

    Thanks for letting me explore about what I’d like to say and also about what I’d like to hear from you.

    It is about listening.

  13. twoblueday

    You are just a churnin’ urn of burnin’ funk!

  14. I’m dying for one of those short stories. Please include your sense of humor and snarkiness!

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