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It Seems That I’m Really a Teenaged Girl


I took Punkin’ Pie to see this movie this afternoon*.


I went in with pretty low expectations.  All of the reviews I’d heard had been kind of lukewarm and, really, while I found the books engaging, I wasn’t sucked in the way a lot of other people have claimed to be (and I certainly wouldn’t put them in the same league as the Outlander books).

I was pleasantly surprised.  While there were certainly a lot of places where the film could have been stronger in its story-telling, the plot moved along, the characters were pretty true to their counterparts in the novels (Holy COW, but Jacob looked exactly like I pictured him!  I think I gasped), and the whole thing was entirely satisfying.  It was left wide open for a sequel, and I’m already looking forward to it.

Punkin’ and I both left the theatre with the understanding that this would be an addition to our DVD collection when it’s released for sale.  The film filled a craving for romance and suspense, and was entirely appropriate for both Punkin’, who’s 11, and me, who’s fast approaching 40.  I agree with the general consensus that one would get far more out of the film if one’s read the novel, but even that isn’t required to enjoy the story for what it is.  Really, if you’re in to this sort of thing, go see it.  It was fun.

*Daddy and Beanie went to another theatre in the complex and saw Madagascar II.  Daddy’s review was something along the lines of “films like this make people bow to the altar of Pixar.”  I think I got the better end of the afternoon’s deal.


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