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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten rejected lists.  I’m woefully uninspired today, so I’m giving you a list of ten things I didn’t care enough to list today:

1.  Ten Indignant Things.  This one is spurred by a kid who, in week 9 of an 11 week course, decided that he wants to pass the class.  Good luck with that, Dumbass.

2.  Ten Stocking Stuffer Ideas. It’s too early – I’ll post this one later; maybe next Tuesday.

3.  Ten Holiday Decorations that Adorn the Chili Household. Again, it’s too soon.  I’ll post this one after the decorations are actually up, so I can take pictures.  This will be a fun post, I think.

4.  Ten Things I Wish I Didn’t Have to Do. I’m thinking of asking Santa for a once-a-month maid service, just so I don’t have to wash the floors….

5.  Ten Yummy Things. I think I’ve done this recently.  Besides, everyone already knows about my current need for Chips Ahoy and Nutella.

6.  Ten Things Overheard on Campus. I swear to God, you guys; I walked to my office yesterday behind two boys whose conversation went something like this:

Boy 1: She wasn’t just all “fuck you” drunk; she was fuckin in-you-face, “I’m-gonna-fucking-kill-you” drunk.  They broke up like a week ago, and I was all like, “Dude, you can chill at my place.”

Boy 2: Good thing he dumped the bitch.   He’s better off.

Boy 1: Naw, man; she dumped HIM.  It was STONE.  Anyway, she was all “I’m sorry, I love you,” and he took her back.

I’m not sure what “stone” means…

I love listening to kids when they think no one’s listening.

7.  Ten Things People Googled to Find My Site. I’ve not given up on this idea, though most of my google terms come up having something to do with yoga.  Maybe I should swear more here; some of my friends get the funniest search terms and mine are boring in comparison.

8.  Ten To-Do Things. I do need to do this, because I have a pretty extensive to-do list, but I’m not at all sure that any of you care.

9.  Ten Things I Don’t Do. I’m afraid this one will just make me sound all prissy and uptight.

10.  One Thing I Love About Ten People I Love. This was my first choice of TTT lists today; I’ll get to this one, but I’ve managed to procrastinate for so long this morning that I don’t have time to do it justice.  Maybe this will be next week’s TTT.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone.


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