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The power came back on around quarter to eleven this morning!! The cable is still out, though, so no internet access. I shudder to think what my reader looks like right now. Anyone care to take a wager on how many new items I’ll have when I sign back on?

The rest of the day will be spent in reconstruction; purging fridge and freezer, laundry, putting candles away, grocery shopping. I’ll post more later, either from the phone or from Local U. Thanks again for all the love and good wishes (and offers of shelter!). You guys are the best.


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Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Day three.

I’m cautiously optimistic that the power will be turned on today, but I have no evidence to suggest that will actually happen. The local NPR people informed me yesterday that our state government declared a state of emergency and shelters have been set up all over the place. The same report said some might not get power back for a long time. I take comfort that we don’t live in a quaint and remote little mountain town, but driving home from the in-laws’ last night showed that significant portions of our little city are still dark. .

Mr. Chili is working the generator so none of the pipes freeze, and we’re warm as a consequence. Will homeowner’s insurance replace the stuff in my fridge and freezer? The garage is keeping frigde stuff cold and most of the freezer is in a box on the porch, but it’s forecast to be in the 50s tomorrow (what the…?!). 22 yesterday, 54 tomorrow!?), so I’m going to lose it all – and, besides the grill, I have no means of cooking.

Ugh. I’d make a lousy pioneer woman.

More later!


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